Mortal Online Introduces New Starting Area With Haven

Finally a safe space. Star Vault

Mortal Online released patch which introduces the safe space known as Haven. The goal of having Haven is to hopefully give new players a new starting area and ease them slowly into the game in a way that is safer, smoother, and of course, more fun.

If you're new to Mortal Online and you just made your first character then Haven is going to be your starting point. In this area, you start you journey with help from several NPCs. These NPCs help new players learn more about the different systems in this MMORPG better than the old tutorial.

This being a safe zone, players are protected from PvP through a fledgling (yellow) flag. As long as you are in Haven, you are safe. In addition, banks in Haven are connected to the banks that are in Tindrem. This means that once a player decides to leave Haven, all they need to do is add their things in the bank at Haven and then pick it up later at Tindrem.

The update also makes it easy for guilds to get in touch with new players through the guild recruiting system. Guilds that turn auto join “ON” are going to be listed in the recruit UI through a Join button. Players currently in Haven can click the button and be able to join the guild with no questions asked. However, if this feature is “OFF,”  then Haven players must contact any member of the guild through the contact button. What it does is send a whisper to the highest ranking member of the guild currently online. Both players are then allowed to whisper to each other for five minutes.

Players that join guilds are sure to have an easier time in the game, especially with the guidance and help of veteran players. However, there is the option to go solo.

While this sounds too good to be true, there is a catch. Once a player decides to leave Haven, that player can no longer come back. Players better make sure that they are more than ready to head out. A bit of good news, though, is that players who decide to leave Haven get the chance to re-roll their character.

So are you ready to try out Haven? You can read more on this changes in this latest patch here.

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