World Of Warcraft Update: Two New Races Joining In Next Content Update

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Welcome two new races.
Welcome two new races. Blizzard

The war for Azeroth's future is about to escalate further as World of Warcraft is gearing up to introduce two new playable races. One is the Vulpera for the Horde and the other the Mechagnomes for the Alliance. The two new races are going to be accessible to players in the next content update.


The first of the two are the Vulpera. Both resourceful and clever, the Vulpera of Vol’dun have managed to survive amidst the sands for many years. They are more than eager to be part of the Horde and have already left the sand dunes looking for adventure.

The available classes for this race are:

  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

In terms of Racial Traits, players can expect these from the Vulpera:

  • Bag of Tricks: Use a trick to damage an enemy or heal them.
    • Rummage Your Bag: Change the contents of your Bag of Tricks.
  • Make Camp: Set your camp location outdoors.
    • Return to Camp: Teleport back to your camp location.
  • Nose for Trouble: Take less damage from the first strike inflicted by an enemy.
  • Vulpera Survival Kit: Find extra goods when you loot humanoids.
  • Fire Resistance: Take less damage from fire.
Sand creatures anyone?
Sand creatures anyone? Blizzard

In order to unlock this race, you need to:

  • Reach Exalted with Vuldunai
  • Earn the Achievement Secrets in the Sands
    • Complete these following Vol’dun storylines
      • Unlikely Allies
      • The Warguard’s Fate
      • The Three Keepers
      • Atul’Aman
      • Dangers in the Desert
      • A City of Secrets
      • Storming the Spire


The second race to be introduced are the Mechagnomes. These are beings that once attempted to completely mechanize themselves, but now try to find a balance between steel and flesh. After years of isolation on Mechagon, they are more than ready to share with the Alliance their aptitude and ingenuity.

The available classes for the Mechgnomes are:

  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

Racial Traits for the Mechagnomes are:

  • Re-Arm: Automatically heal yourself when your health drops to a low life total.
  • Combat Analysis: Get stronger as you fight the same enemy.
  • Hyper Organic Light Originator: Summon decoys of yourself to distract foes.
  • Skeleton Pinkie: Open locked chests.
  • Mastercraft: Function as a personal set of crafting tools for professions
Flesh and steel.
Flesh and steel. Blizzard

To unlock Mechagnomes you need to:

  • Reach Exalted with the Rustbolt Resistance
  • Earn the Achievement The Mechagonian Threat
    • Complete these Mechagon Island quests
      • The Legend of Mechagon
      • A Quick Ear Hustle
      • This is Our Vault Now
      • Let’s Get It Started
      • You Must be This Height
      • Machinations for Mechagon
      • Only the Best Will Do
      • To Mechagon!
      • Prospectus Bay
      • We Come in Peace…and Profit
      • The Resistance Needs YOU!
      • Rescuing the Resistance
      • My Father’s Armies
      • We Can Fix It
      • Drill Rig Construction
      • Send My Father a Message
      • Welcome to the Resistance
      • Operation: Mechagon – The Mechorginator

It should be noted that once the next content update is live, players who completed the requirements gain access to a quest chain to recruit the Vulpera or Mechagnomes. Once the chain is complete, players receive the achievement Allied Races: Mechagnomes or Allied Races: Vulpera and can create a new Mechagnome or Vulpera on the character selection screen. Players also unlock a new mount for their collection at character creation, which can be used by either Alliance or Horde characters. For the Vulpera it is the Caravan Hyena while the Mechagnomes have the Mechagon Mechanostrider.

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