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The latest update of Mortal Online 2 is here and so is all the cool new stuff. Developer Star Vault released Patch, which is mostly focused on changes and bug fixes. However, fans can expect a handful of additions as well.

Firmwood Berries is the newly added gatherable resource, and shorelines now feature new pickables. Eight new keybindings are introduced, and the Skill EXP required to level Elemental Propulsion is greatly reduced. The purchase price of both Rock Crystal Geodes and Rock Crystals is changed, and Purified Water is added back to the vendor’s inventory. You can read about the rest of the changes below.

  • Added 8 new keybindings, which you can use to more easily switch between the layers of your actionbars.
  • All Beast Mastery abilities that have an AOE or cleave component require criminal actions to be turned on to be used. This is to help players not ‘accidentally’ hurt other players by mistake. Use these abilities at your own risk.
  • Redistributed the spells under Elemental Propulsion to span the skill range of 0 - 100.
  • The spells “Hailstone” and “Ember” now have a range of 25-50 Elemental Propulsion.
  • The spells “Sludge” and “Shock” now have a range of 50-75 Elemental Propulsion.
  • The spells “Dust Burst” and “Mending Vapors” now have a range of 75-100 Elemental Propulsion.
  • “Fulminate Pouch” and “Burning Salts Pouch” have been removed from the Elementalist Desk vendors in order to prevent confusion. They have not been removed from Magic Vendors.
  • The gathering system for mining and woodcutting has been revamped to be much more straightforward, distributing the chances of obtaining rare resources between all rocks and trees.
  • The distribution of which rare resources can be found in different types of gatherable rocks and trees has been changed.
  • Adjusted center of targeting for pickables to be further off the ground to make them easier to pick.
  • More guards have been added that will patrol around Morin Khur, Toxai, and Tindrem.

Check out the complete patch notes of Mortal Online 2 Patch on Steam.

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