The Witcher 3 Patch 4.02: Improves Performance, Adds Motion Blur Slider and Two Missing Swords

The Witcher 3 next-gen update is now live.
The Witcher 3 next-gen update is now live. Twitter/@witchergame

The next-gen version might be the best way to play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt but it isn’t without fault. Several players have complained about performance issues and a lack of some crucial features. Thankfully, the devs’ ears are open. A new update went live a few hours ago and it brought performance improvements, a motion blur slider, two missing swords, and much more.

On PC, the DX 12 version of the game should perform better as the CPU core utilization has been improved. Horizon-based ambient occlusion is restored and temporary stuttering related to particle optimization is fixed. Performance Mode in next-gen consoles should now run better, and two missing “Top notch swords!” from older-gen consoles are added.

  • Improved CPU core utilization in the DX 12 version.
  • Restored horizon-based ambient occlusion. Players who had previously turned Ambient Occlusion off will need to do so again. You can find it in Options > Video > Graphics.
  • Fixed an issue where the "My Rewards" section was not localized in REDlauncher.
  • Fixed an issue with a flickering landscape in Toussaint that occurred when NVIDIA HairWorks was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue related to particle optimization which could result in temporary stuttering.
  • Improved Performance Mode on next-gen consoles.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could become slightly blurry during dialogues and cutscenes on PlayStation 5.
  • Fixed an issue related to memory usage in Ray Tracing Mode which could result in crashes on Xbox Series X.
  • Added two missing "Top notch swords!" on previous-gen consoles.
VISUAL - PC and Next-Gen Exclusive
  • Improved immersion of water appearance by adding refraction to SSR and ray-traced reflections.
  • Fixed a visual issue with brick textures where black artifacts covered stone arches.
  • Added a Motion Blur slider. It can be found in Options > Video > Graphics.
QUESTS and GAMEPLAY - Available on all platforms
  • Reason of State - Fixed an issue where the door to the warehouse could become permanently locked if the player knocked, entered and then immediately left the building.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Gear Upgrade Diagrams Part 1 - Fixed an issue where the quest could stay active even after the diagrams were looted.
LOCALIZATION - Available on all platforms
  • Fixed an issue with the Korean localization of Ciri's and Geralt's Gwent card descriptions.
  • Fixed punctuation issues in Arabic localization.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese font.

The complete patch notes of The Witcher 3 Patch 4.02 are live on the official site.

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