Valheim Patch 0.214.2: Manual Save Button, Performance Improvements, and More

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Sleeper hit indie game Valheim continues to improve thanks to regular post-launch support. The developer released one more patch that made some crucial changes to the game. Fans should be glad that a manual save button is finally here; present in the pause menu and it displays the last save time.

Iron and copper scrap now drops from Mistlands giant helmet and sword. Seeker soldiers and ticks in dungeons now respawn properly, with ticks starred ticks chance increased to 20%. A proper message is displayed to kicked players, and performance improvements to dungeons have been made.

You can read about the rest of the changes below.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Added Munin to Ribcage locations in Mistlands
  • Added saving icon to HUD and delayed the "bad connection icon" when saving
  • All game texts have been optimized for better clarity and performance
  • Reworked button prompts to a new visual style, added some missing buttons, etc.
  • Menu selection markers should now be displayed correctly in all languages
  • Fixed several focus loss scenarios when using a gamepad
  • Haldor’s lines are now translated correctly
  • Build menu has been widened to avoid overlapping other interface items
  • D-Pad should now be usable in all menus
  • Controller and keyboard usage of menus improved
  • Skills menu should now work correctly with gamepad and show tooltips correctly
  • Fixed a visual bug that showed servers that were being pinged as offline
Quality of Life
  • Added alternative controller layout and changed layout to be more readable. Build snapping is a toggle in the alternative layout, and has an icon when active
  • Added manual save button to the pause menu that displays last save time
  • Crafting menus and quick use bar now have cycling navigation when using gamepad
  • You can now use the sticks to move to and from a container inventory from the player inventory directly rather than changing menu focus
  • Crafting station is now focused when opening a crafting station
  • Language can now be changed without restarting the game
  • Performance increased while in dungeons
  • Performance improved when using many map pins
  • Performance improved while using the inventory with many items
  • Network stability and performance improvements for crossplay
  • Improved cloud save performance on Microsoft Store version.
  • Memory optimizations for textures and fonts

You can read more about Valheim Patch 0.214.2 on Steam.

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