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A new system will enable players to suggest new locations for PokeStops in the game.
A new system will enable players to suggest new locations for PokeStops in the game. Niantic

At long last, Niantic will be adding more PokéStops to Pokémon Go in an attempt to improve the overall experience. This is definitely what many players have been so eager to hear from Niantic.

Interestingly, the studio has just revealed a new system specifically designed to allow trainers to suggest new locations for PokéStops. The system will be called Niantic Wayfarer, which is basically a browser based tool. It is expected to be available only to "eligible Pokémon Go players" before the end of this year.

This is without a doubt a significant move from the company since the only previous method of trying to get more PokéStops approved was via Ingress. It was also made possible through select users from a variety of countries across the world. Even within Pokémon Go, trainers can only suggest new locations, with Ingress players being responsible for the overall editing and reviewing processes.

"As a Niantic Wayfinder, you'll not only be nominating new Niantic Wayspots, but also reviewing the nominations of others," the introduction video from Niantic said.

Clearly, the new system is the studio’s attempt to try and make Wayspots, which are more commonly known in Pokémon Go as PokéStops and Gyms. After all, they are meant to highlight the positive and innate qualities of an area or community. "The goal is to inspire others to discover new places and things that they might not otherwise,” Niantic added.

It seems the studio is also finding a way to remove and/or prevent inappropriate PokéStops from being added. Of course, this process is all based on a certain set rules. Here are some examples of what makes them ineligible:

  • Avoid anything that's seasonal
  • Being on private property
  • Dangerous to get to
  • On the grounds of primary or secondary schools

When reviewing suggested PokéStop locations, players must check the information first to ensure that there are no duplications whatsoever. Also, they must give it a rating of one to five stars for the following:

  • Historical or cultural significance
  • How safe it is to access
  • Location accuracy
  • Suggested title and description
  • The nominations' overall quality
  • How visually unique it is
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