Mordhau December 17 Hotfix Adds Two Time-Limited Cosmetics Skins, Patch Notes Here

Mordhau has surpassed 500,000 sales on Steam.
Mordhau has surpassed 500,000 sales on Steam. Triternion

Mordhau's latest update will give you one more reason to revisit the game. The multiplayer-only hack-and-slash game received a small update yesterday. It added two time-limited cosmetics to the game. You can equip Candy Cane – Heavy Branch skin and Christmas Ornament - Firebomb skin. Do it fast though, they aren’t gonna stick around for long.

That’s all about the new content for this update. Rests of the changes are balancing tweaks for combat, weapon, and equipment, along with some minor bug fixes.

Patch #20 Hotfix 2 Changelog


  • Nobles no longer have clash on parry and chip damage across the board, making them less annoying to fight
  • Castello nobles now take more melee damage
  • Feitoria rapier nobles can now be flinched, rapier stab slowed down slightly
  • Grad Executioner noble now takes more melee damage
  • Mountain peak noble now takes slightly more melee damage
  • Crossroads noble now takes less damage
  • Crossroads noble eveningstar buffed, now deals more damage, has faster speed, better release times, better wood damage and can force horses to rear
  • Increased weapon parry angle - this is different from the previous parry angle change, will fix cases of parry not working despite enemy weapon being on screen
  • Stab early release reduced 5%, this will buff stabs slightly
  • Horse turning adjusted, now a bit more agile again (still more weighty than before the nerf)

Weapons & Equipment

  • Firepot radius nerfed
  • Toolbox ammo inflated and raised to 12, building costs adjusted so they are the same (e.g Spikes now cost 2)
  • Toolbox archer cover now costs 1 point to build, making it cheaper than spikes
  • Toolbox archer cover health buffed
  • Eveningstar stab damage vs T2/T3 armor reduced, changing HTKs
  • Executioner sword strike damage vs T2/T3 reduced slightly, HTKs unchanged except for plate legs
  • Warhammer strike windups slowed down 25ms
  • Polehammer weight slowdown reduced, now on par with Halberd etc


  • Fixed javelin draw animation
  • Fixed ban/mute/lookupplayer not working if the target player is not on the server
  • Fixed profile pictures
  • Fixed reserved slots not freeing up properly if a player disconnects during map change
  • Fixed KilledByPanel always only displaying the default banner on community servers
  • Players are no longer kicked if a server loses connection to Steam
  • Improvements to Helmet LODs, fixing ugly Normals around eye slits and other complex geometry

The complete patch notes are mentioned on the official site as well.

If you haven’t tried Mordhau yet, then we highly recommend that you do so. The game has already sold more than half a million copies. With the constant updates and patches, expect the game to improve over time.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in new cosmetics? Which one of the two do you like the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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