Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Now Available For PC

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Now on the PC!
Now on the PC! Capcom

All you hunters out there better prepare, as Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has officially arrived for the PC via Steam. Iceborne is the game's massive and critically acclaimed expansion. While it builds on each aspect of Monster Hunter: World, Iceborne comes with a large amount of content.

Iceborne offers a new storyline where hunters explore the new Hoarfrost Reach. This area progressively expands and eventually becomes not only the largest region in the game, but is also home to the Elder Dragon Velkhana. Iceborne also has players go against different monsters as well as rather fierce subspecies variations. There’s also new gameplay mechanics which give the combat system that increased depth.

Another addition to Monster Hunter: World that is included with this expansion is the higher difficult rank known as Master Rank. In order to reach this, hunters need to complete the main story and reach Hunter Rank 16.

Iceborne also offers other series first gameplay features. These include the two-player balanced difficult scale along with the ability to be able to ride small monsters in order to go across the map. There’s also the Hunter Helper player incentive that should encourage the more experienced Master Rank hunters and help lower ranked players go through the game.

So, what’s arriving with the PC version? For starters, there’s a high-resolution texture pack and customizable graphical settings. Then there’s DirectX 12 support along with optimization for FidelityFX CAS and upscaling. In addition, the mouse-and-keyboard controls have been updated to better suit the actions and abilities on PC.

In celebration of the launch of Iceborne for the PC, two different item packs that have free consumable items are offered as log-in bonuses. The first item pack can be accessed by all PC players, while the second pack is only for those who buy Iceborne. However, act fast as the two item packs are available for a limited time and can be claimed by logging in between January 9 and February 5.

Like with the console versions, Iceborne on PC comes with free post-launch support with the first title updates set for early February and March. Future updates are also planned that will eventually get the PC on par with the console versions.

The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion is available as a digital download for $39.99. A Digital Deluxe version, which has the expansion and Deluxe Kit DLC of cosmetic items, is available for $49.99. A Master Edition, which has the base game and expansion combined, is offered for $59.99

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