Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin: Capcom Vows to Fix Some Major Bugs in Future Update

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin
Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Twitter/@monsterhunter

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin had a successful launch but it was plagued by a lot of issues since then.

According to the game’s official Twitter page, the devs have confirmed the existence of certain bugs and they are currently being investigated.

Monstie Element Change

Since the game’s launch, many players thought that their ability to change their Monstie’s element is an intended feature. However, this is actually not the case.

According to the bugs listed on the official website, the game does not include such a feature. About this, the devs are also aware that a Monstie’s color and appearance may change when they’re out on the field.

Apparently, this happens when the attack power of another Monstie element is greater than the original element. This is more common at low levels and decreases in frequency when the original element value increases.

A fix will be implemented in a future update but that is just to change the Monstie coloration and not the element itself.

While this is certainly a bug, some players voiced their frustrations on Reddit. The ability to change a Monstie’s element should be an intended feature as it was certainly one of the best things in the original Monster Hunter Stories, as per some players.

Corrupt Data Has Been Found

The game is available on Nintendo Switch and Steam, and with a franchise as long and successful as the Monster Hunter series, there are always plenty of people to play with.

That said, a bug has caught the attention of devs where some players may encounter the error message: “Corrupt data has been found. You cannot accept this quest.” This may appear during local and online play.

The cause of the bug is currently unknown, though a fix is definitely in order as this is a major issue.

Problem with the Final Cutscene

Some players have encountered an issue where the game’s final cutscene just stops and never continues.

Because they are still looking for the bug that’s causing this, the developers recommend players to save often. They also advise the community to restart the game periodically as a workaround.

All of the issues mentioned above are still under investigation. Capcom asks for the community’s patience until an update is available that will fix them all.

Have you played Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin? If so, have you encountered any of these bugs?

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