Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Expansion Sales Reach 2 Million, Monster Hunter Rise at 10 Million Worldwide

Capcom’s latest entry to their long-running series just hit a serious sales milestone.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak sales have reached two million worldwide, less than a week after its release.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak sales have reached two million worldwide, less than a week after its release. CAPCOM

In less than a week since its release on Nintendo Switch and PC, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has reached 2 million worldwide shipments and digital sales, an impressive feat considering it has not been long since the major expansion hit the two platforms. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak was favorably received by both critics and audiences, and publisher Capcom is now reaping the rewards from another successful outing on one of its most popular series.

In an official statement, Capcom gives us an overview of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak:

Sunbreak is a massive premium expansion for Rise. In addition to new quest ranks, locales, monsters, and never-before-experienced hunting actions, players can enjoy new story elements for Rise as well.

Capcom also announced that the series overall has now peaked at sales exceeding 84 million units as of today, July 5, 2022. The series began with the eponymous first title Monster Hunter, released in 2004 on PlayStation 2. Twenty-two entries later, the series now boasts six mainline titles with other genre-crossing games like Monster Hunter Stories, which is a story-driven action RPG, and Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting, a fighting game.

Another big news shared is the further growth of its base game, Monster Hunter Rise. Since the last announcement made in January, the title garnered 2 million more sales, with Rise now at 10 million sold worldwide. This includes the sales of both the standard base game and a bundle including the Sunbreak DLC.

That said, the game is still miles away from its predecessor, Monster Hunter World. In a statement in October 2021, Capcom celebrated 20 million sales for Monster Hunter World, making it the most successful in the franchise overall. One thing worth noting though is that this title has the backing of the massive PlayStation player base. Monster Hunter Rise is infamous for releasing only on Nintendo Switch and PC, potentially missing out on the numbers that can be reached by being sold on PlayStation.

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