Deep Rock Galactic: Update on Planned Modding Support

See what they've been working on.
See what they've been working on. Ghost Ship Games

It was a while back when it was decided that the plan to introduce mod support for Deep Rock Galactic was to be delayed. At that time, the goal was to offer a solution that was not only robust but also more comprehensive.

In a post, the Ghost Ship Crew, which is a cool name for a dev team, revealed that they’ve been working hard on the solution and are giving everyone a peek at some features.

Modding Platform

One of the initial solutions that the Crew came up with was to have a save game profile setup and at the same time, rely on players to install the mods manually using different tools and scripts. The best way to go about this is to offer a modding platform where modders could upload mods and have players install them.

The Crew have been looking at various platforms and eventually decided on

Approval Categories

Another solution being worked on relates to different mod approval categories. The default value is Sandbox where everyone is free to use any mods that have a modded save. This means players won’t be able to use their regular save with their main progression when playing with mods. In addition, the server running the mods is tagged in the server browser and only the people who are using modded saves can join.

Next is Approved for Progression. Here, players can use mods along with their regular save. Players can earn XP, as well as resources, in their regular progression while mods are running. However, the game will be tagged “using mods” much like Sandbox.

Finally is the Fully Approved. It’s pretty much like the previous category except the game won’t be tagged as “using mods.” In this one, players can join any game as if they weren’t using any mods.

Currently, the Crew shared that they are continuing to work on the guidelines for the mod approval categories. No actual release date has been announced for when modding support arrives.

Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative first-person shooter featuring space dwarves, destructible environments, procedurally-generated caves, and of course, hordes of alien monsters.

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