Deep Rock Galactic Update 33 - Hotfix 6: Fixes for Gunkseed Issues and Other Bugs

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Deep Rock Galactic developer Ghost Ship Games recently rolled out a new update that fixes the mineral trade system and several bugs. A bug that appears in the space rig where the mineral trade system shows wrong deals has been fixed. Another bug where players can collect more items than the max amount has been updated.

The patch fixed the issue with gunkseed sometimes spawning on the top of the drop pod, which causes trouble for players once they meet. The update also resolved an issue where the refinery objectives UI would load incorrectly for players who joined late into the game.

Deep Rock Galactic Update 33 - Hotfix 6

  • Closed polygon holes in Azure Weald Big Egg.
  • Fixed Beamer crystals not looking the same when destroyed for host and client (lights and particles, not the crystal terrain).
  • Fixed Beamer crystals getting stuck in an "always on" state where they wouldn't stop firing even if they are destroyed.
  • Fix the collected amount of items in the store being higher than the max amount.
  • Fixed issue where gunkseed could spawn on top of the drop pod causing issues when they meet.
  • Fixed Gunner's Heavy Autocannon with Big Bertha OC + T2 Lighter Barrel Assembly (without T3 Supercharged Feed Mechanism) does not apply T5 Damage Resistance buff.
  • Fixed Spiderwebs to render more properly (they can still randomly disappear though, a bug for another day!).
  • Fix mineral trade in the space rig showing wrong deal.
  • Grammar and wording improved on Memorial Hall information screens.
  • Fixed the remaining twin becoming temporarily invulnerable if you kill the other too fast.
  • Attempt to fix Refinery Objectives UI not updating correctly for late joining clients.
  • Fixed the bar being non-interactable after closing the unlock new beer prompt with the escape key.
  • Doretta's pathfinding work: smoothed out Doretta's path.
  • Fix dwarf shouts mission fail shout would play even if all dwarves made it to the drop pod during an escort mission.
  • Refactoring of audio output switching. Should fix issues with switching windows default device and audio device option not persisting rebooting of the game. (There are still some issues left).
  • Dawn of dread armor now has Physics (The character model when pausing in solo will be buggy, will be fixed later).
  • The Escort mission drill will now take less damage from high damage attacks.

You can read more about the update here.

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