Deep Rock Galactic Update 34: Weapon Tweaks, Bug Fixes, and More

Deep Rock Galactic
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Deep Rock Galactic developer, Ghost Ship Games, recently released a new update that tweaks multiple weapons and fixes some known issues.

One of the strongest mining tools also used as a weapon is the Breach Cutter. The latest update balances out the weapon by removing the ammo penalty from Inferno OC and reducing the damage penalty of Spinning Death OC, both of which are overlocks. At the same time, the Case Ejector mod receives a speed bonus and Explosive Goodbye gets improved damage from the plasma field.

Deep Rock Galactic Update 34


BRT7 Burst Fire Gun

  • Increased damage of base weapon
  • Moved some of the bonus of the Disabled Safety mod to the base weapon
  • Lowered the bonus of the Disabled Safety mod slightly
  • Decreased the ammo penalty of the Experimental Rounds OC
  • Changed the damage penalty of the Micro Flechettes OC from a percentage to a set value

BRT7 Electro Minelets OC

  • Significantly extended the electrocution duration
  • Decreased damage penalty
  • Increased the magazine penalty
  • Extended the minelet lifetime

M1000 Classic

  • Increased base weapon damage
  • Decreased the base weakpoint damage bonus
  • Decreased the bonus of the Hollow-Point Bullets mod
  • Moved some of the bonus of the Fast-charging Coils mod to the base weapon
  • Moved the Hardened Rounds mod from T4 to T2
  • Increased the range and power of the Focus Fear mod
  • Changed the ammo bonus of the Minimal Clips OC to a percent clip size bonus
  • Decreased slightly the ammo and charge speed penalties on the Supercooling Chamber OC
  • Changed the damage penalty of the Hipster OC from a percent to a flat value to allow a high damage build to hit certain breakpoints and increased the ammo bonus a bit
  • Tweaked the crosshair to help with focus shots and hipshots


  • Fixed pathfinder related crashes
  • Fixed crash when you join a game
  • Fixed Promotion Terminal not always displaying the selected character
  • Fixed issue with bosco terminal not closing correctly when using controller shortcut
  • Fixed droppod can land too close to Machine events, prevent mission completion.
  • Fixed being unable to unlock perks by pressing E
  • Fixing a bug, where you could cancel the join process, even though you could not.
  • Fixed case of tunnel not connecting correctly to the next cave.
  • Fixed case where the escort oil canister moved to level start when client with bad ping picked it up
  • Fixed a case where you could get extra secondary objective items with certain warnings (Shield Disruption).
  • Attempt to fix gunkseed in 0,0,0

You can read more about the update here.

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