Mobile Suit Gundam BO2 Arrives in PS5 January 28

Prepare for a new experience.
Prepare for a new experience. PlayStation

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 is arriving in PlayStation 5 this Thursday, January 28. Already available for the PS4, players can expect a lot of new changes once it arrives in the next-gen version. Today we take a quick look at some of these new changes.

Let’s start with the obvious. The load times are better in PS5 so playing the game is much faster.

For this game version, improvements have been made to the DualSense controller to give players a more realistic feel when firing a weapon. These include:

  • Pulling the trigger:
    • Adaptive triggers reproduce resistance and pressure.
  • Bullet fired:
    • Hear the weapon fire via the DualSense controller’s audio and audio from the TV.
  • Bullet impact:
    • Haptic feedback indicates projectile impact.

To make sure that players get the best gaming experience possible, the features mentioned above can be toggled to meet the player's preferences.

The PS5 version also introduces changes to the vibration patterns of the Haptic Feedback for different weapons. This should give a unique tactile experience because players can feel distinct sensations. For instance, firing a beam rifle feels different than using a machine gun.

It’s not all hardware since there’s also new content. The PS5 introduces the new map known as Military Base. With its open and wide flatland coupled with medium to large buildings, it’s going to be a good map for those who prefer long-range combat.

By the way, if you already have the game on PS4 and want it for your new PS5, play data can be transferred to the latter. However, it’s only possible if you have the same PlayStation Network account.

Supply Drop Update

Two new non-general mobile suits are introduced through Limited Supply Drops. These are:

  • Hyaku-Shiki
    • Three-Star
    • Level Three
    • Raid Unit
    • For Ground/Space Use
    • Cost: 650
  • Super Gundam
    • Three-Star
    • Level Three
    • Support Unit
    • For Space Use
    • Cost: 650

Then, there’s also the latest addition to the Supply Drop Lineup which is the Full Armor Hyaku Shiki Kai. This three-star level-one MS has these features:

  • Support Unit
  • Cost 650
  • This MS makes use of the Hyaku Shiki Kai design to put focus on improved weaponry.
  • While it is classified as a support aircraft, it has good mobility and combined with a high armor provide long-lasting combat support.
  • Can provide high capability and great results by making use of its unique secondary weapon.
  • Equipped with “Chest I-Field” that reduces damage received to the chest by beam type damage.

Learn more about this MS and the Bonus exclusive Pilot item here.

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