Mobile Suit Gundam BO2 Celebrates Opening Of Yokohama Gundam Factory

Life imitates art.
Life imitates art. Bandai Namco

In case you've been living under a rock, you should know that there is a full-scale Mobile Suit Gundam that can actually move? By the way, when we say full-scale, we mean life-sized. This 18-meter robot is currently in Yokohama and is set to open to the public on December 19. Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the Mobile Suit Gundam series.

In celebration of this momentous milestone, Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 is introducing the Gundam Dock in base camp. Like the real-life version, it’s possible to climb the Gundam Dock Tower and view this marvelous creation from all sides. The collaboration started on December 16 and is expected to last until March 24.

That’s not all. When the actual dock opens on December 19, all pilots who log in to the game on the same day get the “T-Shirt: GFY” as part of their pilot gear.

The collaboration arrives along with the game’s latest update. Players can now see updated missions in the battle simulator. Prepare to meet the Boss “Psycho Gundam Mk-II” as it makes its appearance. Meanwhile, in the Trial “The Pezun Rebellion,” players can now test the new “Ex-S Gundam.”

Updated Achievement Rewards

Talking about the battle simulator, the achievement rewards got updated too. With this, players can now get new achievement rewards by doing the updated missions. Here’s the list of the Achievement Rewards:

  • TRIAL “The Pezun Rebellion”
    • Achievement Reward 1: New Model Frame LV1
    • Achievement Reward 2: Dra-C Kai [Heavy] LV1
    • Achievement Reward 3: 3 Tokens
  • SURVIVAL “GM Genealogy”
    • Achievement Reward 1: High Spec Cruise Control LV1
    • Achievement Reward 2: DP 100,000
    • Achievement Reward 3: 3 Tokens
  • BOSS “The Falling Sky”
    • Achievement Reward 1: New Model Frame LV4
    • Achievement Reward 2: 50 Recycle Tickets
    • Achievement Reward 3: 3 Tokens

New Feature for Battle Results

With the new update, the Battle Results include the Report Function. With this new feature, players can now report any annoying behavior experienced during battle.

There are two main issues that players can report. The first is non-participation in combat. This refers to players who either abandoned a battle or remained uncooperative. The second is for spam chat for those who talk in a way that either discourages or incites allies to fight.

You can view the complete list of changes here.

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