Mobile Suit Gundam BO2 Welcomes Gundam Mk-V to Battle

A new MS is here.
A new MS is here. Bandai Namco

A new unit joins the battle in Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2! It’s none other than the Gundam Mk-V, available as one of the bonus items in the Supply Drop.

This three-star mobile suit costs 650 Raid Unit and is designed to fight using melee attacks in close-range and ranged weapons in mid-range. It’s also equipped with wired assault devices, known as Incom Beam Cannon x2 [Pincer], which can remotely attack target enemies.

The Gundam Mk-V also has the Shield Break Stance Mastery skill that allows it to nullify reaction when a shield is destroyed by ranged attacks.

Meanwhile starting January 7, players have the chance to get one random exclusive pilot item when they request the normal 10 consecutive supply drops. The bonus item is either the Normal Suit: Titans 03 or Helmet: Titans 03.

New Materials

There are new materials for exchange added to the Recycle Counter:

  • Three-star Efreet Custom LV4
  • Three-star Blue Destiny Unit-1 LV4
  • Two-star Galbaldyβ LV1 ~ 2

Materials for exchange has been added as well to the DP Exchange Counter, which are:

  • Three-star Pale Rider [Space Type] LV1
  • Three-star Pale Rider [Ground Heavy Arms] LV2

GBO Days

Mobile Suit Gundam BO2 announced that it is bringing back GBO days. This is a special four-day campaign that runs during the first week of each month. In particular, it’s set from Thursdays to Sundays.

Look what's back.
Look what's back. Bandai Namco

During this period, a Free Supply Drop can be requested each day, and a maximum of four mobile suits can be obtained. There’s also a Special Supply Drop that comes with a guaranteed three-star MS. That’s not all as basic rewards after each battle, like EXP, DP, and CP, are doubled. New and returning pilots get an additional 5x increase as well. Plus, they get a 100% recon unit container discovery rate.

Finally, pilots who are playing the game get a 30% increase in recon unit container discovery rate once they go into battle with new and returning pilots.

For those wondering, players who have played for 14 days or less are known as New Pilots. Returning Pilots are players who haven’t logged in within the past 45 days.

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