Mobile Legends: Patch 1.6.12 Improves Marksmen, Optimizes Regen and Assists

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.12
Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.12 Moonton

Developer Moonton has implemented Patch 1.6.12 on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on the Advanced Server or the public test server. The patch includes adjustments to some Marksman heroes to make them more appealing to use, as well as optimizations to the Regen and Assist mechanics.

Hero Adjustments

Moskov is one of the heroes buffed considerably in the latest patch. His attack range has increased to 4.4. This is to fix an issue where his enhanced basic attacks have a slightly lower range than his normal attacks.

In addition, his Abyss Walker ability mana cost has been reduced to 45-70. His second skill, Spear of Misery, has its initial damage increased to 350-450 plus 60% Total Physical Attack, and its extra damage to 200-275 plus 30% Total Physical Attack. Further, the stun duration when the skill collides with an enemy hero is set to a flat 1.5 seconds at all levels.

For his ultimate, enemies behind the primary target will also be slowed.

Kagura is the only hero in this patch that got nerfed. Apparently, Kagura still remains one of the most powerful heroes even after her revamp. The adjustments to her abilities are just to make sure that she won’t be too overpowered.

Patch 1.6.12 Highlights

  • Basic attack range increased to 5.2
  • Basic attack and enhanced Basic Attacks total physical attack bonus decreased to 105%
  • Force of the Queen
    • Increased cast speed
    • Skill range increased by 20%
  • Basic attack range increased to 4.8
  • Enhanced basic attack casting experience optimized
  • Quick Draw
    • Total bonus Physical Attack reduced to 85%
    • Subsequent Bullet Damage: The last four bullets deal 11% to 21% of the initial damage, the 2nd bullet deals 30 to 55% of the initial damage, while the 3rd to 5th deal 5% of the initial damage.
Yu Zhong
  • Base damage increased to 220-400
  • Black Dragon Form (Ultimate)
    • Knockback now only takes effect once on the same target
  • Base damage increased to 240-320
Custom Marsman Emblem
  • Changed the second talent of the second tier: Mastery (CD Reduction +5%) to Agility (Movement SPD +6%)
  • Turret attack and protection ranges increased to 5.3
  • Outer turret’s damage reduction against ranged attacks when the Energy Shield is active is reduced to 30%
Battle Spell (Regen)
  • Regen effect is no longer interrupted by damage from minions and creeps
Assist System
  • We optimized the assist system, hoping to improve Support players' gaming experience. Now only increasing allies' attributes or reducing enemies' attributes also grants assists (such as Roaming Skil - Encourage, Equipment - Dominance Ice, etc.)

If you want to learn more about Patch 1.6.12, you can read the patch notes here.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is available on Android and iOS devices.

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