Mobile Legends Patch 1.3.60 Notes: Nana Buffed And Other Heroes Reworked

Nana Moonton

Developer Moonton officially released Patch 1.3.60 for its multiplayer online battle arena Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on Tuesday. The patch reworks 10 heroes, which has divided the community. One side is excited with the changes, while the other is claiming that these have made some heroes stronger.

Of the 10 reworked heroes, five of them are classified as supports. One of the biggest changes experienced by players relates to Nana, a secondary support hero. Nana's passive ability was initially to give nearby allies 10 gold every 10 seconds. This allowed certain heroes to be able to buy their items faster, especially when jungling with Nana. A marksman hero also benefits from being with Nana as this ensures they are able to buy items much faster.

However, according to the developers, Nana is a hero that is able to deliver continuous damage making her an excellent support mage. Her current passive "offered little help with her specialty." Thus, the developers reworked her passive abilities to give her better survivability.

Instead of giving gold, Nana's new passive now works differently. When Nana is dealt a large amount of damage, she is transformed into a cat for 2 seconds. While in this form, Nana is unable to use any skills, but is immune to all damage while getting a 40 percent increase in movement speed. This passive ability is activated every 90 seconds.

Nana New Passive
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Another support hero that underwent rework is Rafaela. Her passive ability, Deity Penalization, delivers damage to the hero that has killed her, provided said hero is within a certain range from Rafaela. The ability causes Rafaela to charge for 2 seconds, then sends a blast to the target dealing True Damage that is equivalent to 25 percent of the Max HP of the target. In a way, it works similar to Lesley’s Ultimate Snipe and can also be blocked by other enemy heroes. The same update also reworked Rafaela’s “Wings of Holiness” skin.

Another interesting rework is the Moonlight Immersion skill of Estes. While the skill still links Estes to an allied hero and heals the teammate, the rework now increases the Attack of Estes provided the link is still present.

Other heroes that received reworks are Belerick, Chang’e, Diggie, Esmeralda, Kaja, Uranus, and Yi Sun-Shin. Eudora’s “Flaming Red Lips” and Miya’s “Burning Bow” Hero skins have been reworked in the patch as well.

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