Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beta Patch 1.6.56 Implements Experimental Changes to Masha

Masha Moonton Studios

A new update for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is now available on the game’s advanced server. Beta Patch 1.6.56 implements some experimental changes to Masha.

For those who do not know, Masha is a tank-fighter hybrid with a unique mechanic where her Ancient Strength passive gives her three HP bars. This ability also gives her temporary bonuses whenever one of her HP bars gets depleted.

In the latest beta update, the developers want to maintain her damage output even though she only has one HP bar left. Furthermore, they’re slightly reducing her sustainability, which encourages the use of more defensive items.

Her passive ability has its energy regen greatly reduced. Her first skill, Wild Power, has been changed. Back then, the damage bonus was based on the target’s max HP. Now, it is calculated based on Masha’s total HP.

Howl Shock, Masha’s second skill, can now penetrate minions. Lastly, the damage bonus of Thunderclap has been changed to base damage plus Masha’s extra HP.


  • Infinite Extension
    • The bullet's flying distance now only increases up to 5 times
  • Dawning Light (Ultimate)
    • Cooldown Reduction In Transcendence State increased to 12 seconds
  • Attributes
    • Base attack speed reduced to 0.94
    • Attack speed growth reduced to 0.8%
  • Falling!
    • Cooldown increased to 8 seconds
    • Cooldown reduction per attack against MUddles increased to 1.2 seconds
  • Eyes on You!
    • Base damage increased to 300-400
    • Link distance reduced
    • Damage dealt via Muddles now also enjoys 100% of Melissa's Physical Lifesteal
  • Shadow Strike
    • Base damage reduced to 290-665
  • I Am You (Ultimate)
    • Cooldown increased to 42 seconds
  • Primal Wrath (Ultimate)
    • Wrath-based attack speed boost reduced to 25-150%
    • Wrath-based Lifesteal boost reduced to 5-30%
  • Frenzy Strike
    • Base damage increased to 130-180
  • Spinning Light Wheel
    • Fixed an issue where the sustained damage was abnormally high
  • Slam, Slam
    • Base damage reduced to 260-360
    • Explosion damage reduced to 220-320
  • Pass, Pass
    • Base damage reduced to 250-300
  • Spiral Strangling
    • Reverted the previous nerf on the pulling force (back to the Official Server version)
    • Original version: Silvanna stabs her Lance in a designated direction for 6 times, each time dealing 165/183/201/219/237/255 (+45% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage, and slightly pulls them to the center
    • Skill width slightly reduced
  • Fixed an issue where Aegis could take effect on dead Diggie
  • Fixed an issue where dead Diggie could still trigger the damage of Cursed Helmet
  • Fixed an issue about the values in the description of Eudora's Ultimate

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beta Patch 1.6.56 is available on Android and iOS.

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