Minute of Islands Launching on PC and Consoles March 18

Check this indie game out.
Check this indie game out. Studio Fizbin

There’s a new game coming out next month and it’s one that has a somewhat different feel to it. Minute of Islands is launching for both PC and consoles on March 18. Developed by Studio Fizbin, this puzzle-platform adventure game has been following since it was announced back in 2019. It’s even received nominations from various award-giving bodies.

The Story

The game takes players on a beautiful and strange archipelago. It’s surrounded by dangerous spores and the one thing that keeps everyone safe are the antennas that were said to have been built by Giants. However, it seems that these machines are failing and the one with the skill to repair them is a young engineer named Mo, who brings with her an Omni Switch tool.

In order to protect everyone, Mo has to embark on a journey to repair these machines. Like any story, there’s more to the journey considering that the damage to the antennas hints something deeper than what was first thought.

Game Features

Features of the game include:

  • Use the Omni Switch to solve the different puzzles and regain control of the machines.
  • Experience a story of self-exploration that’s both poetic and emotional.
    • The story is narrated by Megan Gay.
  • Explore a world through different unique islands and meet its inhabitants.
    • Uncover the truth that lies under the surface.
  • Enjoy the excellent soundtrack.

Visuals + Story

What makes the game unique is the bold art style it offers. Each frame has been handcrafted individually by a team of illustrators and artists. Each island, for example, has been filled with details that invite players to explore and uncover the many visual narratives. The artwork combined with the narrative brings a world full of wonders.

Minute of Islands is set to be released for PC through Steam. You can wishlist the game here. The game is set to be launched as well for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Versions compatible with the PS5 and Xbox Series X are going to be made available too. Learn more about the game here.

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