Gladiator Manager Coming to PC via Steam January 28

Can you reach the top?
Can you reach the top? Eternity Games

Looks like there’s another sports management simulator available as Gladiator Manager is coming to PC through Steam. Similar to games in its genre, it offers a couple of advanced features and even turn-based play. What makes this game different is that it’s set during the time of gladiators. The question is can you make it to the top?

Assemble Your Team

In the game, players get to assemble a team of gladiators with the goal of winning the league and cup. The key here is to choose well and form a team whose members have the most potential and skills. We say potential because you can actually train them and give them a good combination of abilities.

The combatants that players can hire come from different walks of life like slaves, veterans, citizens, and even criminals. The combatants have unique characteristics spread out across six different classes, which are barbarian, rogue, gladiator, retiarius, defender, and leader.

Speaking of leagues, Gladiator Manager offers five leagues each having 10 teams. There’s also a cup competition that spans the leagues for each season. The good news is that the AI never has the advantage over warriors, which are controlled by players. The backend programming ensures fair fights as well.

A Peek at the Gameplay

Unlike some games, Gladiator Manager doesn't hide anything when it comes to battle mechanics. The battle screen, for example, shows every roll and tells you why that outcome happened. In addition to giving fighters a good combination of abilities, players also need to master the best strategies of their fighters. This means that while battles are important to progressing in the game, the training and the development of fighters have a significant role.

Game Features

The game has a lot of features including four origin stories, more than 30 special moves, and at least 100 perks. In order to help plan ahead, players can make use of post-game statistical records as well as the blow-by-blow analysis of each roll in the game. Overall, Gladiator Manager is an excellent choice for those looking for a game that combines sports and simulation.

Learn more about the game here.

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