Minigame Party: Pocket Edition Coming to Mobile Platforms July 27

Time to enjoy those minigames! Com2Us

Minigame Party: Pocket Edition is arriving July 27 on Google Play and App Store. The game is perfect for summer travel and it offers fun and colorful competition for everyone.

While waiting for the official release, Android players can now pre-register and receive:

  • Limited-edition character Koni.
  • Paradise Party Costume Set.
  • 20 Normal Game Entry Tickets.
  • Minigame Party's 5 Main Characters:
    • House Bunny
    • Abu
    • Seed
    • Tuney
    • Peep
  • 10 Costume Capsules.

Minigame Party: Pocket Edition is a follow-up to Minigame Paradise offering nostalgic gameplay, beloved characters, and 13 new mini games. With the new progression system, players can unlock endless fun and competition. They can also compete in challenges to earn hidden rewards.

Here are some of what they can expect when the game is officially released:

  • New Mini Games
    • Experience 13 new and exciting minigames, each having unique names and features.
    • There's a minigame for everyone. Choose from Clump Thump, Hardly Hurdle, Hop Pop, Wag Tag, and more. These constantly rotating games allow for endless fun.
    • Those with a more competitive nature can try and complete challenging achievements to unlock exclusive hidden items.
  • Upgraded Gameplay
    • Jump into endless competition through regular event battles to determine which team is the best.
    • For each battle, new rankings and ranked battles allow all players, newbies or ultra-competitive, to enjoy.
    • They have the ability to unlock increased points through combo activations and new buff items within each minigame, to earn additional stars and increased ranking.
  • New Character Features
    • Get ready for an all-new experience with 54 characters reimagined in high-definition.
    • Characters now have unique individual skills and a level-up system, which allows players to experience characters in a whole new way.
    • Players can customize each character further through unique costumes and skins.
    • They can earn endless extra points through costumes and skins combination/level-up.
  • Big Rewards
    • Through minigames and Medal Quests, players can unlock medals and exchange them for in-game rewards.
    • Experience more exciting rewards through regular draws of chests, gift boxes, and capsules.

Excited about Minigame Party: Pocket Edition?

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