Pre-Registration for Ace Fishing: Crew Now Open

Ace Fishing Crew Pre-registration
Prepare to hook them. Com2Us

Pre-registration for the upcoming game Ace Fishing: Crew is now open. This sequel to Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is coming out July 20 on Android or iOS.

Those who pre-register will unlock a three-star Crew Member Acquisition Ticket along with Equipment Acquisition Ticket. Plus, pre-registering for this game will also yield rewards for other Com2uS titles like Com2uS Pro Baseball 2023, NBA NOW 23, MLB 9 Innings 23, and Summoners War: Sky Arena.

Ace Fishing: Crew offers new features, graphics, and game modes. Players can also look forward to additional views and controls and experience the wonders of nature with the day-night cycle. Then, there are the crews that they can form, composed of elite fishermen and fisherwomen, each having unique attributes and personalities.

There's no question that this upcoming game brings a new standard of excellence to realistic fishing gaming experience for mobile devices. Here's what players can expect when the game launches:

  • New Ways to Play
    • Explore the waters swarming with fish through different views and control methods.
    • Challenge other fishing masters from around the world by using in-game currency to upgrade equipment and crew members.
  • Upgraded Content
    • The upgraded 3D graphics let players experience the depths like never before.
    • Environments that change throughout the day.
    • There are new fish species and marine environments for everyone to unlock.
    • Players can enjoy a genuine fishing experience in the palm of their hand.
  • New Crew Systems
    • Form crews based on personalities and attributes of characters, and clear the game stages.
    • Collect new crew members to take on advanced goals and make those hardest catches.
  • Big Rewards
    • Players can earn currency and crew members through Special Challenges and Daily Rewards.
    • Maximize restaurant revenue and earn fishing rewards idly while offline.
  • Experience the Life
    • Players need to use fish they catch for menu development and food research to increase restaurant profit.
    • Fish can be sold in the market at a high price through negotiations with merchants.
    • Experience the growth of characters through different earning content.

What do you think? Excited to try your hand at reeling those fish?

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