Illuminaria Now Playable on Android

Get ready to showcase your skills. Selva Interactive

The resource management game Illuminaria from Selva Interactive is now available on Android. It offers a colorful and engaging adventure set on a magical planet located in an unexplored part of the universe.

Illuminaria was actually a planet that was once vibrant and full of life, inhabited by the Illumi, beings that were peaceful and technologically advanced. However, their world was invaded and corrupted by darkness. The Illumi tried their best to stop the spread of this darkness but they ultimately failed. Before everything was eradicated, they managed to develop an automated system that would save their world.

This automated system is what players get to control. They're going to direct a fleet of robots to do different tasks like resource-gathering, management, research, and base-building. All of these needed to fight off the invaders and regain the planet from the blight.

Simplified Mechanics

As a resource management game, what sets Illuminaria apart from the others in its genre is its simplified mechanics. With a few taps on the screen, players can instruct their forces and observe just how the robot fleet carries out their commands. The game also has auto-battler segments known as "expeditions" where players have the chance to get rare materials to develop their technology.

Two Objectives

The game has two main objectives and the first one is lighting the beacons to clear the world of darkness. The second is to free the bases taken over by the blight. To meet these, players need to build multiple bases with warehouses and resource-producing machines. Players also need to defend their bases continuously from enemies that try to steal resources and destroy them.

Game Features

  • Command a Swarm of Robots
    • Choose where to build, what resources to gather, and just watch the robots do the heavy lifting.
    • They'll gather resources, build, load weapons, fight, and respond to the world around them.
  • Build and Manage
    • Instead of having a sandbox world, players have to build several smaller bases with finite space.
    • Be on the lookout as all bases must work at all times and can be attacked by enemies.
  • Research
    • The game has five regions. Each has new resources and technologies to discover.
  • Defend your Bases
    • Vicious enemies of darkness are going to attack the base, try to destroy the reactors, and steal resources.
    • Build turrets and load them up with ammunition to repel the attacks.
  • Go on Expeditions
    • Adventure and explore to find hidden treasures, and fight enemies in auto-battles.
    • Players can get rare resources to use to their advantage.

Illuminaria was released on PC through Steam in August 2022. A free demo is available on the platform. Versions for iOS and Nintendo Switch are expected to be released later this summer.

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