Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot Adds Axolotl from 'Caves and Cliffs Update'

Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot adds axolotl from 'Caves and Cliffs Update'
Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot adds axolotl from 'Caves and Cliffs Update' PCGamesN

Mojang Studios decided to end 2020 with something great. The walking fish, Axolotl, is now added into the game. The new mob is neutral, which means you can interact with the fish. Like dogs, you can train Axolotl to help you fight underwater creatures. The only issue is Axolotl don’t spawn unless you are in creative mode and have spawn eggs. It might be awhile before you get to see an Axolotl in the wild playing survival mode.

Another cool feature is that you can carry around the Axolotl in a bucket. General changes with the Sculk Sensors are implemented and you can read more about that below.

Minecraft: Java Edition Update

New Features in 20w51a

  • Added the axolotl!


  • Amphibious!
  • Axolotls currently love tropical fish, though this may change. Tropical fish or tropical fish buckets can be used to mate axolotls.
  • Axolotls will swim around with you if you’re holding a tropical fish or tropical fish bucket in one of your hands.
  • When a player kills a mob that the axolotl was attacking or being attacked by, the axolotl will show its appreciation by granting the player temporary regeneration and removing any mining fatigue effects.
  • You can pick up your axolotl in a water bucket and carry it around just like a salmon or cod!
  • Axolotls will always chase after squids and other types of fish.
  • Axolotls are skittish, but they will attack Drowned and Guardians if you tempt them with their favorite food – tropical fish!
  • Axolotls do not like it out of the water and will dry up and begin taking damage if they are out of water for longer than 5 minutes.
  • An axolotl will not dry up as long as they are in water or rain.
  • Sometimes when an axolotl takes damage, it will pretend to be dead so that it stops being attacked.
  • There are four common varieties and 1 rare variety of axolotl.
  • Axolotls do not spawn in the world in the world yet, but you can find spawn eggs for them in the creative inventory.

Changes in 20w51a

  • Bundles and shulker box items will now drop their items when destroyed.
  • Some changes have been made to sculk sensors.

Sculk Sensors

  • Eating Start has been removed as an event for a few reasons.
    • It is inconsistent with our philosophy around vibrations. Mining a block is not considered a vibration because a physical event hasn’t happened in the world yet (you can stop mining and the block will revert). This is the same for eating: you can start eating, but then stop and the food reverts as if eating never occurred.
    • It wasn’t widely considered to be a useful event for players to use sculk sensors with.
    • Eating Finish is staying, and will likely be much more useful to sculk sensors for this scenario.
  • Walking on wool no longer causes vibrations.
  • Throwing wool as an item onto the ground no longer causes vibrations.
  • Sculk sensors are now silent while waterlogged.

You can find more details here.

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