Minecraft 1.16.200 Bedrock Update Includes Raytracing, VR Support, and More

Raytracing for Windows 10 Edition
Raytracing for Windows 10 Edition Minecraft

Mojang Studios, the developer of the sandbox game Minecraft, released a new update with tons of new features. The new graphics engine, RenderDragon is now available to Windows 10 users. It will launch as well to mobile soon. This engine improves performance, optimizes ray-tracing, and enables physical-based rendering.

Raytracing For Windows 10 Edition

Mojang finally added ray-tracing support on the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft. Players with Xbox Game Pass can play this game version if they're subscribed. New block textures, including metallic surfaces, bump maps, normal maps, and light emission are now applied.

VR Support For Windows 10 Edition

An open-source API called OpenXR is added to the Windows 10 Edition. This supports VR across Windows and Oculus. Players can launch the VR version through the respective store or use this link in VR.

New Volume Settings

Players will finally have the freedom to mess around with the audio settings for the individual surround option. This includes reducing scary cave noises all the way to the weather sounds.

Minecraft 1.16.200 Bedrock Update


Performance and Stability

  • Improved chunk loading speed when flying with Elytra
  • Large numbers of scheduled instant updates no longer crash the game
  • Fixed a crash that could occasionally occur when going through a portal or flying around in Creative mode
  • Fixed a crash that could occasionally occur while flying or moving around the game world
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading a local world
  • Fixed an issue where some mobile devices would lose audio after suspend and resume
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash on Nintendo Switch when trying to load a 256x resolution resource pack
    • The system now blocks that selection and notifies the player they cannot select it


  • Players that own The Founder's Cape will once again see it within the Capes tab of the Dressing Room


  • Only preview items will be shown in crafting screen when auto crafting an item on controller. This prevents rapid updates of the Recipe Book
  • Fixed the player's hand still bobbing if View Bobbing was disabled


  • Fixed mobs and other entities freezing and becoming desynced with their bodies
  • Villagers will no longer steal workstations from each other
  • Mobs no longer randomly stop attacking and following their targets
  • Piglins that are close together can no longer pick up the same item if it's dropped between them
  • Update Zombified Piglin texture to remove flickering of loincloth
  • Mobs no longer spawn in Wither Roses
  • Bees now only exit at the front of Beehives and Bee Nests
  • Mobs are no longer teleported back and forth outside solid objects if there is not enough space for multiple entities


  • Compass is no longer consumed when used on a Lodestone in Creative mode
  • Glowsticks no longer use placeholder textures (Education Feature)


  • Cocoa Pods generated in Jungles now generate in the proper direction
  • Signs no longer replace decorations when attempting to place in the same space as the decoration
  • Fixed a bug where End Portal blocks were not removed after an End Portal Frame block was destroyed. Filled blocks other than End Portal blocks will remain in place


  • Owned packs are now refreshed correctly after restarting the game when playing in VR

You can read more about the update over here.

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