Metal Slug: Commander Now on Mobile

Ready to fight?
Ready to fight? SNK

If you’re familiar with arcade games, then the Metal Slug series is not a stranger to you. That universe just got expanded with the addition of Metal Slug: Commander. The game has been released on both Android and iOS.

As a bit of a background, the first Metal Slug game was released back in 1996. The gameplay was mainly run-and-gun with players going against a large number of enemies and picking up powerful weapons every now and then. Since then, there have been sequels, remakes, and even spin-offs.

In Metal Slug: Commander, years have passed since the last space invader war and the Earth has started to heal. Peace however is short-lived as new disputes have appeared worldwide. As a result, headquarters have gathered the best commanders to prepare for a new threat coming.

While this mobile game continues to have iconic sprite-based characters, the gameplay is new and may be unfamiliar to fans of the older titles. That’s because it is actually more of a card strategy game than a straight run-and-gun or even shoot’em up.

So what is the new gameplay? If you’re familiar with card-based games, then it should be easy to get into the game. Just in case you’re not familiar, this one has players assemble a group of five units with the goal of defeating the deck of the other player. The group is divided into different layers with some units on the upper layer and others on the bottom layer. It should look something like the image below.

A new way to play.
A new way to play. SNK

Here are some of the game features:

  • Classic elements reproduced
    • Experience the classic roles, classic scenes, and even the classic music.
    • Players can also revisit the works of previous generations of Metal Slug.
  • Two-line strategy battle
    • Enjoy the rich character characteristics and interesting formation strategies.
    • Work your way to becoming the strongest commander.
  • Giant Mecha Collection
    • Take control of the most powerful mecha to get the super mechas.
  • Free to match the lineup
    • Card level is shared so players can experience different lineups.
  • Simple and easy way to play
    • Gameplay is easy and fun.
  • Global players on the same server
    • Form the strongest troops and challenge other commanders from around the world.

Get the game for Android and iOS.

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