Merge Mansion Opens Up Boulton Family Mansion in New Update

What secrets lie inside?
What secrets lie inside? Metacore

The next major update for Merge Mansion is sure to be good news for its players worldwide. That’s because it’s finally going to unlock the doors to the Boulton family mansion. Players can finally enter the mansion where they get to face more secrets, more challenges, and even more plot twists. All in an attempt to discover what it is Grandma Ursula is hiding.

In anticipation of this update, a viral ad campaign was launched featuring The Mandalorian and The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal. It featured three short films which were A Twisted Game, A Recipe to Die For, and Think Like a Grandma.

The update also introduces the new character Victoria, a city official, and new chapters. There are also at least 50 new merge items which include two new producers and more than 190 new merge tasks.

Players can expect access to the great hall of the mansion as well. After that, they get access to additional rooms each month, such as the corridor, study, and dining room. A new season pass is offered too and it features new decorations and rewards.

In a statement, Game Lead Jonas Martens revealed that opening up the Boulton family mansion is the next step in learning more about the mysterious past of the family and what Grandma could be hiding. He added that a lot of fans have long been requesting to enter the mansion. He went on to say that the team were actually discussing when to unlock the next chapter and it seems “that the time is now.”

Meanwhile, VP Brand Marketing for Metacore Sandra Fenyo shared that they’re excited for this major update to go live and finally open the doors to the mansion. She said that this campaign serves as a reminder that this isn’t just about the game but also about the lore.

Merge Mansion is a mystery puzzle game where players help Maddie Boulton uncover the truth about her family’s secrets by renovating the neglected family estate owned by her Grandma Ursula. They must match and merge items to bring back the mansion to its former glory while also learning more about its sinister past. The game is available on Android and iOS.

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