Wild Hearts Introduces Grimstalker Kemono in Second March Update

Get ready for a mysterious Kemono.
Get ready for a mysterious Kemono. EA

The second March Update for Wild Hearts is here and it introduces a new Kemono subspecies. Known as the Grimstalker, this wolf-type Kemono is kin to Deathstalker and spotted on Natsukodachi Isle.

What makes this new Kemono dangerous is how it uses rage levels to affect the elements under its command. Typically, it uses water and waves to inhibit enemy movement. But if enraged, it switches to fire and releases devastating attacks of molten rock. With control over two elements, players need to have Elemental Lanterns to survive a fight against this new threat.

New Content

The threat of the new Kemono isn't the only thing from this new update. Players can use Grimstalker materials to forge two new weapons. The first one can deliver mighty blows that cleave heaven and earth. The second one is a formidable weapon which combines Kemono brawn with human brains.

There's also the Fulgent armor which shines brightly on the battlefield as if to let other hunters know the victory against Azuma’s latest threat.

Players can also look forward to these new quests:

  • Fulgent Fate: Bloodshed.
  • Days of Hunting: Gleaming Gold.
  • Twin Boar Gorge.

New Update

The new update also brings balancing adjustments, with the number of inherited skills for these weapons increased:

  • Crystal Bow.
  • Demon Grass Bow.
  • Crystal Whirlwind.
  • Demon Grass Bladed Wagasa.
  • Nacreous Icicle Maul.
  • Ice Crystal Force.
  • Crystal Crusher.
  • Demon Grass Maul.
  • Crystal Twister.
  • Demon Grass Karakuri Staff.
  • Nacreous Icicle Cannon.
  • Crystal Cannon.
  • Demon Grass Cannon.
  • Crystal Ripper.
  • Demon Grass Claw.

There are also these improvements:

  • Enhanced the power of Wingblade Crescent Slash of the claw blade.
  • Enhanced the power of the enhanced Wingblade Spin Slash of the claw blade.
  • Enhanced the power of Fortified Shot of the hand cannon.
  • Enhanced the power of the spindance when the bladed wagasa's spindance gauge is not at its maximum.
  • Enhanced the power of the Extended: Jumping Smash and Fully Extended: Jumping Pummel of the maul.
  • Enhanced the power of the Extended: Power Smash and Fully Extended: Power Smash of the maul.
  • Enhanced the power of the Flame Smash of the maul.

Wild Hearts is now available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S and PC through the RA App, Epic Game Store, and Steam.

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