New State Mobile Introduces New KA-BOOM Mode in March Update

Time to go ka-boom!
Time to go ka-boom! Krafton

A new mode has been introduced in New State Mobile and the name should be a clue on what kind of experience to expect. The new KA-BOOM Mode is a Round Deathmatch which features grenade launchers and throwables with disabled friendly fire for grenade damage.

But wait there's more! Players can also look forward to the powerful "Red Zone Launcher," a three-round burst weapon having a greater blast radius than a regular grenade launcher. Get to experience destructible terrain for fun but be careful not fall into them for it means instant death. So to survive, players have to navigate this rather explosive environment with caution.

Map Improvements

There are also improvements for the LAGNA map based on player feedback along with the analyzed in-game play data. Changes include:

  • Mesta always spawn on the ridge of Estacion and Carta.
    • Only two Mestas appear in one session.
  • To give players more time to farm during the first phase of Blue Zone, the waiting time after the first phase of Blue Zone was lengthened.
    • The move speed of the Blue Zone was slowed down.
  • The chance to find items in the multi-drop is increased.
    • The overall item spawn rate was slightly increased.

Other New Content

In addition to the new mode and LAGNA changes, Update 0.9.46 also includes:

  • New Weapon: The Sawed-Off
    • A HG which uses 12-gauge rounds.
    • With its powerful single-fire, it can easily kill other players at close distances.
    • A choke can be equipped on the muzzle slot.
  • Recruit Mode (Erangel)
    • Players can recruit up to 8 teammates in total.
    • In Recruit Mode, a player can recruit teammates faster than in the regular Battle Royale Mode.
      • It takes 5 seconds to recruit an enemy.
      • If the recruit is successful, both the recruited player and recruiting player recover 100% of HP and booster gauge.
      • To prevent allies from killing an enemy with an on-going recruit, an enemy who is being recruited does not take damage from allies' attacks.
    • Recruit Mode opens every weekend and stays open for 4 hours until Hot Time.

New State Mobile is available on Android and iOS.

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