Medieval Dynasty - Major Roadmap Update #2

Medieval Dynasty - Major Roadmap Update #2
Medieval Dynasty - Major Roadmap Update #2 steam

Render Cube, the developer of the Medieval Dynasty, just announced their second major update. It includes brand new features, new buildings, and changes to game mechanics. The addition of horses allows players to travel much faster. They are also equipped with gear to let players trade items.

Farming animals is the next major feature introduced. You can now breed animals if you keep them happy and in good shape. The building limit is now up to 50 units, which is a big step up compared to the previous 30-unit limit. More details on the new additions/changes can be found in the patch notes.

Medieval Dynasty - Major Roadmap Update #2


  • Increased the building limits for the settlement, village, town, and city development statuses.
  • Field workers now take seeds and grain from a chest in the barn.
  • Changed values for the few last buildings in farming technology - Barn III and Food Storage III.
  • The minimal item weight is now 0.01 (so items like arrows weigh more now).
  • Changed the look of item descriptions in inventory and trading.
  • Rendering optimization.
  • Visibility of ghosts during construction and destruction is limited by range.
  • French Language.
  • Turkish Language.
  • Ukrainian Language.
  • Hungarian Language
  • Russian Language
  • Only the player's villagers are visible on the map. (Other NPCs are visible only if they provide a quest or are the target of a talk).
  • Some system optimizations.
  • Field management coloring should now be improved for people with colorblindness.
  • In the building assignments tab, the hotkeys for increasing or decreasing power can now be held so the values will keep changing.
  • Zooming the map via mouse wheel.
  • Traps are also visible in "main" map category.
  • Increased and unified bucket weight.
  • The animal purchase system is now like assigning them to a building through animal details.
  • Temporarily one item's capacity is not being taken into consideration while calculating the item price.
  • Character optimizations.
  • More rocks and low foliage on the terrain, mainly in mountains.
  • Increased some resource amounts required for Lavish Meal quest.
  • Some NPCs from the villages wear profession clothes. (In a new game)
  • Moving and zooming the map using a mouse.
  • Throwing Rocks auto equips after throwing, identical to spears.
  • Size and look of input fields on UI.
  • Filling the bucket with water automatically reequips another bucket.
  • The threshing floor workbench has an improved model.
  • Animals are mentioned in Knowledge.
  • The fishing spear damage is now reduced.
  • Animals can now take fall damage.
  • Wrong threshing animation for farmers.
  • Player and NPCs position when using barrels to craft.
  • Removed Daub requirement from "house rebuilding" quest.
  • Field Workers that keep waiting for the next tasks are checking the field for these tasks every 30 seconds now.
  • The HUD tutorials now can be closed by clicking the button with the mouse and it is possible to change the input to a gamepad.
  • Map filters.

You can read the full patch notes here.

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