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Render Cube, the developer of Medieval Dynasty, just released a new update that adds a major new feature: Events. Events add a new layer of gameplay in which players will have to go through various scenarios such as crops being destroyed due to heavy rain and tests the player’s abilities to deal with these situations.

The developer have also added new decorations like torches and lanterns to provide a bit of warmth during cold nights. Players can also add the lanterns with new furniture to decorate their surrounding areas.

Medieval Dynasty Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • New game feature - Events.
  • Customizable gameplay settings.
  • New furniture - two Stools, Bench and Table.
  • New facilities to illuminate the village - Standing Torch and Lantern.
  • New types of items to increase character's inventory capacity - Backpacks and Pouches.
  • New village Management Notifications on HUD.
  • Inhabitants provide Fur in Hunting Lodge.
  • New Sounds of filling the bucket with water.
  • New Sounds of pouring water from the bucket.
  • Removing NPCs from the house via the building details menu or the NPC details menu.
  • Hungarian language.
  • Various wicker and wooden decorative items for crafting.
  • The player's NPCs can patrol the village at night.
  • House for Sambor.
  • New Clay digging sounds for the Shovel.
  • New Milking sounds.
  • Blur and darkening in Save and Load Menus.
  • Sorting in production assignments.
  • Holding UI input for faster scrolling/increasing values in slider menus.
  • New Scythe sounds.
  • New grain grinding sounds for Quern.
  • Technology schemes descriptions now have item statistics and/or resources required to craft.
  • Right gamepad thumb stick now moves map in Map tab.


  • Opening the modification menu for a building if there is one object to choose from.
  • Some building modules have the wrong model when they are ghosts.
  • Some of the furniture are impossible to destroy.
  • Recurve bow disappearing when moving.
  • The animation when an arrow has just been shot from a bow is not playing.
  • After shooting, the animation must end before the player can reload the bow or crossbow.
  • Crossbow's position in the player character's hands.
  • The Infant is sometimes in the hands of the mother when it should not be.
  • Calves not growing up.
  • The mood of the inhabitants sometimes declines even though all their needs are met.
  • One of the Barn modules cannot be repaired.
  • Rabbit trap gives leather instead of fur.
  • Unfinished building modules are in full condition.
  • Furniture sometimes disappears from the building after loading the game.
  • Unreadable checkboxes in settings.
  • Sometimes game crashes when loading from a file.
  • Missing cooking schemes in Crafting Technology for Tavern I level.
  • Some of the furniture are duplicated when loading the game.
  • The big house lacks stone versions of the walls under the roof.
  • Sometimes fields are displaying the wrong name in interaction.
  • Shearing Scissors are missing in production in Smithy.
  • Missing recipe for Oat Rolls and Fur Capelet.
  • In some situations, Quest markers are still present after completing quest.
  • Can't pay taxes in the season in which Uniegost is not present on map.
  • If game is saved in first five seconds, the starting quest never launches.
  • Death menu and transition to heir menu can pop up at the same time.
  • No blackout if player dies during constant damage receiving.
  • Quick save and load are not blocked in the main menu.
  • Daub is used to upgrade stone walls instead of Limestone.
  • Can't pay taxes to the new castellan.
  • Issue that the first child in the next generations of the player was a girl.
  • Issue where the player could move the NPC to NPC's brother's / sister's house, and they could get married.
  • Heir keeps coming back to his parents' house.
  • Arrows, bolts and spears impaled in animals affect their leg placement.
  • Issue where NPC stands in the field and do not work.
  • Sound of a wisent attack is heard from long distances.
  • Sound Effects in Sound Settings don't affect the sound of building modules.
  • Workplace slot becomes house slot after assigning house/workplace in NPC details menu.
  • Case in which technology needed to unlock building is enough, but it unlocks only if it is greater than needed value.
  • Changing quickslot of currently held item doesn't destroy it which results in unbreakable item.
  • Arrow and Bolt crafting recipes.
  • When the day or season changes, the NPCs are teleporting to the attic or roof.
  • Pulling out a stolen object changes its status to not stolen.
  • The counting slider sometimes doesn't show the correct amount of coins a player will receive from a trade.
  • Assigning villagers to a workplace that has not yet been built.
  • An NPC can push a player's character during crafting at the workstation, which makes him stuck.


  • Detection of whether a furniture can be placed has been improved.
  • Fence placement has been improved.
  • The professions performed by the NPCs now affect their mood level.
  • Projectile behavior depending on its type - heavier projectiles fall faster.
  • Increased range of bows, spears and crossbow.
  • Improved behavior of each projectile in the air.
  • FoV change when aiming - the change in FoV is now percent of current players FoV instead of static target value.
  • If the player is holding the left mouse button down after shooting an arrow from the bow, the character will automatically start preparing the next shot after reloading.
  • Adjusted HP of small animals.
  • Wild animals will no longer attack the player's character during dialogues.
  • Wild animals will now stop attacking the character when he starts dialogue while being attacked. This is a temporary update.
  • Improved movement animations blending for Cows, Pigs, Bears, Goats and Sheep.
  • Recurve Bow damage increased from 45 to 55.
  • Polish translation.
  • Russian translation.
  • Ukrainian translation.
  • French translation.
  • Italian translation.
  • Turkish translation.
  • Czech translation.
  • German translation.
  • NPCs go to the Barn after working in the field.
  • The player's NPCs may sit on the player's stools or benches.
  • Gizela has new hunter clothes.
  • Player can recruit NPC only if the player has an empty house in the village.
  • Dynasty Reputation limits per new inhabitant have been lowered.
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