Master of Knights: Seven Trials Coming to Mobile Platforms July 27

Lead the knights and protect the continent. NEOWIZ

Master of Knights: Seven Trials is having its global launch on July 27, heading to Google Play and App Store, being developed by NEOWIZ. Pre-registration is now open but currently limited to Android users. Those who pre-register not only get 1,000 Gems but also the heroic knight Titania.

Protecting the Continent

Master of Knights: Seven Trials is a turn-based strategy RPG which gives players access to a roster of 50 characters along with 75 spell cards. These offer a thrilling experience and the desire for collection.

In the game, players take on the role of a deity that recently arrived in the continent of Lemuria. The goal is to rally the knights and keep the continent safe against the invading Elders. The game is able to capture the essence of what a classic adventure narrative is all about, as players fight against increasingly formidable foes.

A Different Gameplay

A lot of the current SRPGs tend to be increasingly intricate. However, what makes Master of Knights different is its unique gameplay style of something similar to chess but in a 5x5 tile grid. Given that limited space, the attack range and movement of each attack is reimagined, letting players experience strategic fun with simple controls. In addition, there's also a spell card system that works like a trading card game to not only improve the strategic enjoyment but even speeds up gameplay.

The game incorporates features that are designed to improve player convenience, like the automatic battle reward system where players can accumulate growth resources over time. A skip system with no limits and a dedicated automatic battle system are also included.

Various Game Modes

The game has two game modes which let players enjoy fresh battles every day. There's the turn-based SRPG mode to show off your unique tactics, and the real-time battle mode for real-time fights.

There are also PVP modes where players can come up with strategies to defeat enemies. Be sure to show off those skills in PVP Arena and PVP Mode Colosseum.

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