Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Guide To Unlocking Character Colors And Stages

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Firebrand and Dormammu to join Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Marvel/Capcom

There aren’t many unlockable in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite , but one thing players will want to get is their favorite character’s alternate colors and secret stages.

In Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite , each fighter has four colors in the character selection screen, but the third and fourth colors are locked. To obtain these cool new color schemes, players will have to defeat the Arcade Mode with their two-man team.

Once the Arcade Mode is complete, the Color 3 option will unlock for the two fighters players completed it with.

To unlock Color 4, just simply beat the Arcade Mode with the characters again. This may seem repetitious, but players will unlock two colors for two fighters at once so it does save a bit of time and gives players a chance to run through the Arcade and get familiar with each character.

The various stages in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite are a nice touch to the overall feel of the game. Each stage is a mash-up of Marvel and Capcom locales, but not all of them are available to play in when you first boot up the game. Here are the default stages that are available.

Default Stages

  • A.I.M.Brella - Control Room

  • Avengers Tower - Briefing Room

  • Dark Kingdom - Heart of Chaos

  • New Metro City - Crossroads

  • New Metro City - Downtown

  • Unknown - Training Chamber

  • Valkanda - Plains

  • Xgard - Throne Room

To unlock the other stages in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite , players will simply have to complete the story mode. The story mode is a first in the MvC franchise and it is a bit lengthy (around five hours long), but once it’s completed, players will have access to another eight stages.

Here are the stages unlocked after beating story mode. Warning: learning these locations may spoil some story elements in the game.

  • A.I.M.Brella - Laboratory Pathway

  • Abel City - Sigma's Lab

  • Avengers Tower - Lab

  • Dark Kingdom - Wastelands

  • Knowmoon - Gravitron Core

  • Knowmoon - Walkway

  • Xgard - Bifrost Bridge

  • Xgard - Underground Prison

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite releases for PS4, Xbox One and PC on Sept. 19.

So what color scheme for which character are you hoping to see? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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