Marvel Contest of Champions Introduces a Dynamic Duo This February

The new Cap is here!
The new Cap is here! Marvel

Galactus has arrived and destroyed Hell’s Kitchen. The good news is that two new heroes have arrived in Marvel Contest of Champions this February to offer their help.

The first is Sam Wilson. Formerly known as the Falcon, he took on the role of Captain America when Steve Rogers decided to retire. Initially, he gave the Shield away believing that the legacy should be for Steve alone. However, when Super Soldiers started to threaten the world, he finally accepted the mantle of Captain America.

The second is Mercedes “Misty” Knight. She worked with the NYPD Bomb Squad and lost her arm in an incident. Tony Stark gifted her with a cybernetic replacement made of Antarctic Vibranium. This prosthetic arm has the ability to make use of cryogenic energy and can liquefy all but the strongest of metals.

What's up with these two? It appears that Sam has managed to contact The Summoner and round up any survivors of Hell's Kitchen and bring them to an old Helicarrier captained by Misty. Misty hopes to build Safe Haven, a neutral community for those who want to escape the threat of Galactus. With both villains and heroes on board, not everyone supports the idea and some have started to plan a mutiny.

A New Show

February also sees a new show premiering on the Mojo Network. In "All my Ironmen," Iron Man is set to surprise his girlfriend Tigra with an anniversary gift. But Iron Man is surprised to see that she's kissing another Iron Man. This new episode starts February 9 and runs until March 9. Complete quests to earn Mojo Bucks that can then be used in the Mojo Television Network Store.

Read more about it here.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Sam and Misty join the game courtesy of Update v33.3, which also brings these fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Autoplay disables instead of choosing a new Champion when the player’s Champion is Defeated.
  • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to enlist for War after delisting.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would hang or crash after coming out of a fight in Abyss of Legends.
  • Fixed an issue where the Scientific Prevention Global Buff could apply two Immunities instead of one.

Check out all the improvements brought by Update v33.3 here.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS.

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