Kitty Pride & Nimrod Joining Marvel Contest of Champions This September

A dynamic duo is set to join the fight.
A dynamic duo is set to join the fight. Kabam

The fight in the Marvel Contest of Champions just became even more interesting with the upcoming addition of two new champions this September. The first is the mutant Kitty Pride who brings her adorable companion along. Second is the ultimate Sentinel known as Nimrod.

The Youngest X-Man

For those who don’t have an idea who they are, we’ll give you clues. Let’s start with Katherine “Kitty” Pryde. Kitty was living a normal teenage life when her mutant powers emerged and this led to a series of painful headaches.

When Phoenix learned of her potential, she used telepathy to coerce Kitty’s parents and let her join Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. It was during Kitty’s stay at the school that she became part of the X-Men, the youngest member in fact.

During her adventures, she managed to make friends with a small alien creature, one that resembled a dragon, named Lockheed. Since then, the two have been inseparable.

The Mutant Killer

Nimrod was constructed in a time where all mutants in the world have been wiped out by advanced robotic beings. The ultimate sentinel eventually came to a realization that it would no longer be able to perform its main directive, which was to destroy all mutants. That’s because there were no mutants left. Nimrod, therefore, left his original timeline and went to alternate timelines to remove mutants from the multiverse.

What are your thoughts on the two new characters?

Summoner Showdown Updates

The final round of the Qualifiers for the 2021 Summoner Showdown is almost here. That means Summoners have one final chance to be part of their region’s semi-finals. The final qualifying challenge is sure to be interesting since it’s against the Gold Difficulty Nameless Hyperion.

Summoners who decide to take on the Gold Difficulty Nameless Hyperion should keep in mind these requirements:

  • Complete the fight with a 5-Star Champion.
  • Complete the fight within the 10-minute window allowed.
  • Achieve the best possible run within seventy attempts.

Read more about it here.

Marvel Contest of Champions was released in 2014 on iOS and Android. This fighting game is set in the Marvel Universe based on the limited series titled Contest of Champions.

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