The Hunt Begins as Kraven Joins Marvel Contest of Champions

Prepare for the hunt.
Prepare for the hunt. Netmarble

Marvel Contest of Champions just became even more challenging for heroes as a predator joins the battle. Kraven the Hunter brings new mechanics and abilities, which are good news for veteran players.

Before we look into what Kraven adds to the table, let’s take a peek into who this villain is. Considered as the world’s greatest hunter, Sergei Nikolaievich Kravinoff eventually got bored and decided to hunt for more powerful and even more dangerous prey. He started to focus on Spider-Man, looking at him as a worthy challenge. His constant defeat at the hands of Spider-Man led to his insanity and eventually becoming a villain.

Hunting the Prey

As mentioned, Kraven is not a champion for everyone. That’s because his mechanics and abilities need a high level of skill.

Kraven being a hunter is shown in his playstyle. For him, it’s all about trapping and punishing the opponent. He can place a Trap with a Special 1 which stays in the Arena until it is either triggered or replaced. Kraven has many options on how to put opponents in the Trap. Once that happens, his attacks and effects become even deadlier. Here are some of the details of that Trap:

  • If the Opponent moves into a Trap, it springs and deals a Burst of 1,743 Direct Damage and Roots them for 5 seconds.
    • Damage scales with Base Attack only.
    • If the Opponent moves into the Trap during a special, the Trap is removed.
  • If the Opponent is pushed into the Trap by a Heavy or Special 2, Kraven has a 100% chance to place a new Trap when the Root expires.
  • Rooted Champions cannot move, but can still attack, block, and dodge.
    • Activating a Special Attack removes Root and prevents it from applying.
  • While the Opponent is Rooted, Kraven’s Dash Attacks become Unstoppable, his damage over time Debuffs are paused and he gains 1,400 Critical Rating.
  • While the Opponent is Rooted, their Combat Power Rate is reduced by 37.5%.

You can learn more about Kraven the Hunter here.

New Update

Kraven arrives in the game courtesy of Update v33.1. One of the things that players can expect is the celebration of the game’s Seventh Birthday. There’s going to be an event that offers 4- and 5-Star Crystal Shard Arenas to those who join. There’s even a special Solo Event for Cavalier and Thronebreaker Summoners to get Six-Star Shards. Read more about the new update here.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS.

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