Marvel Contest of Champions: Quicksilver Ready to Join the Fight

Look who's speeding by.
Look who's speeding by. Kabam

Things are moving pretty fast in Marvel Contest of Champions as new heroes are preparing to join the roster. The first is Marvel's very own speedster Quicksilver. He joins the game as the fan-voted Summoner’s Choice Champion; Quicksilver arrives on August 25.

Quicksilver is the alias used by Pietro Maximoff. When they were still babies, he and his sister were abducted by the High Evolutionary and experimented on. This resulted in the two getting powers that were disguised as the X-gene mutation. By developing Super Speed, he was able to become a superhero.

The Cosmic Being

Quicksilver isn't the only champion joining the game this August. There's also Galan who arrives in-game this August 11. If you're not familiar with this one, Galan is the sole survivor of a dying cosmos. He was then fused to the sentience of a newborn universe and turned into Galactus, the devourer of worlds.

Immediately after emerging from his cosmic cocoon, he consumed a nearby planet to quench his hunger, killing billions of sentient beings. Because of the immense guilt that he experienced, Galan eventually refused his role as a cosmic predator.

Instead, he decided to live the life of a simple farmer and grow his own nourishment through the “Planet Nursery” in the Quantum Fields of the Battlerealm.


The two heroes arrive in the game courtesy of Worldheart. It turns out that at the request of Lord Odin, Carina has called upon the Summoner to recover The Cosmic Seed. This is an Asgardian relic that has been lost and if used could have dire consequences. That's because it could create a new Worldtree in The Battlerealm.

After getting a few clues, The Summoner has gone to The Quantumrealm where they encounter Quicksilver fighting against the Silver Surfer. After The Summoner breaks up this fight, the Surfer slips away to confront Galan.


If you're not up to speed on the MCU films and TV shows, a new series is coming soon to Disney+ which is She-Hulk. In celebration of this upcoming show, She-Hulk joins the rosters and players can download this champion between August 17 and September 28.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS.

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