Marvel Avengers Alliance Spec Ops 33 Task List: Required Heroes And Everything You Must Do To Recruit Cammi

avengers alliance Spec Op 33
Spec Ops 33 in 'Avengers Alliance' is live and you can recruit Cammi. Playdom

Spec Ops 33 in Avengers Alliance has dropped and it’s a bit of a doozy. Remember that Runaways Spec Op that required you to use only a handful of heroes? Yeah, that’s back in Spec Ops 33’s first mission and it’s rather tough.

However, Playdom was kind enough to give you access to some other non-Runaway heroes so take that for what it’s worth.

The big prize comes when you complete all 25 tasks of the Spec Ops, allowing you to recruit Cammi for free. While the 25 tasks need to be completed, to complete the last task (and access the epic boss) you’ll need some required heroes.

This time around, Agents only need two heroes to get to the epic boss. Those two are Kate Bishop and Spider-Gwen. Both heroes cost a combined 180 command points, so it’s really easy to farm for them if you don’t own them already, and you’ll have enough time to do so before you complete all 25 tasks.

For what the 25 tasks for Spec Ops 33 are, check out the list below:

  1. Defeat 6 Iso-Saurs (found in Mission 1)

  2. Defeat X-23 (mini-boss of Mission 1)

  3. Use Victor Mancha in battle (can be done outside of Spec Ops & is a team-up in Mission 1)

  4. Complete 3 deploys (can be done outside of Spec Ops)

  5. Defeat Madam Masque (boss of Mission 1)

  6. Research Provision Kit (40 iso 100 silver 8 hours)

  7. Collect 2 Distress Calls

  8. Complete 3 Flight Deck Missions

  9. 2 Star mastery in mission 1

  10. Use Kate Bishop in battle (can be done outside of Spec Ops)

  11. Research Cybernetic Glove (

  12. Use Cybernetic Glove in battle (can be done outside of Spec Ops)

  13. Defeat Flag Smasher (mini-boss of Mission 2)

  14. Win 2 PVP Battles

  15. Defeat Death Lockett (boss of Mission 2)

  16. Research Plasma Launcher

  17. Use Plasma Launcher in battle (can be done outside of Spec Ops)

  18. 2 Star Mastery in Mission 2

  19. Defeat Batroc (mini-boss of Mission 3)

  20. Use Cammi in combat (team-up in all missions)

  21. Research Quickdraw Pistol

  22. Use Quickdraw Pistol in battle (can be done outside of Spec Ops)

  23. Defeat Baron Zemo (boss of Mission 3)

  24. 3 Star Mastery in all Missions

  25. Defeat Epic Boss in Mission 3

Are there any tips you want to give to other Agents regarding Spec Ops 33? Let us know in the comments section below.

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