Marvel Avengers Alliance Spec Ops 33 Is Live! Cammi Benally’s Passives And Attacks Revealed

cammi avengers alliance
Cammi as she appears in Marvel's Avengers Alliance Marvel

Specs Ops 33 of Marvel’s Avengers Alliance has gone live after a short delay. And as it was already announced, Cammi from the Avengers Arena series is now available for you to recruit.

While some of her passives and attacks were teased in a story, all of Cammi’s abilities are now open to check out and dissect.

Like previous Spec Ops, Agents will have to complete all 25 tasks to win Cammi for free. But you’ll also gain the opportunity to get all four pieces of the Deathlock Set amongst other goodies so be sure to check back with us to get all the deets regarding Spec Ops 33.

But without further ado, let’s check out Cammi’s passives and her attacks starting with her passives.

cammi maa pss
Cammi's passives in Avengers Alliance Photo: Playdom

Cammi is a tactician with two passives. The first is granting her entire team survival training, which decreases the amount of damage taken by 50 percent when at 80 percent or more health.

The other passive is Teenage Astro Girl, which gives Cammi a stack of Grit when attacked but she will also counter attacks with Reduced Potential and Shield Slam.

Cammi's first attack Photo: Playdom

Plasma Shot is Cammi’s first action and it applies Radiation Exposure and Ionized.

Cammi's second attack Photo: Playdom

Gadget is a multi-function attack that has three functions, all of which are Quick Actions. The first is Distraction and it applies Flanked and Targeted. It also grants a Grit stack to Cammi.

Cammi's second attack Photo: Playdom

Gather Intel is the second part of the Gadget action and it applies Combat Awareness to Cammi and Dynamic Edge, which grants Cammi increased damage against enemies with locked out attacks.

Cammi's second attack Photo: Playdom

Defensive Matrix is a buff ability that applies Covered and a Shield to Cammi. It also uses up all her Grit stacks to give her a life gain.

Cammi's third attack Photo: Playdom

Jet Pack Combo is Cammi’s third action and applies a Magnetized Blast Mine to one enemy. However, this attack does give a chance to apply a mine to all enemies. The attack also applies Reduced Potential.

Imagine the possibilities with Winter Soldier.

Cammi's fourth attack Photo: Playdom

Charge Shot is Cammi’s final action and consumes all stacks of Grit to deal extra damage and exploits radiation. It also detonates all Magnetized Blast Mines on the enemies. However, it applies Kicks like a Mule to Cammi, taking her out of the battle for a turn.

So what do you think of Cammi? Who do you plan to team her up with? Sound off in the comments section below.

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