‘Marvel Avengers Alliance’ Designer Reveals Black Vortex Spec Ops With Mantis And Second Hero [VIDEO]

black vortex marvel comics
Avengers Alliance will adapt the Black Vortex storyline in its next update. Marvel Comics

Many Agents are in the thick of the Civil War 2 Spec Ops where they can win Blue Marvel and Jane Foster Thor, and PVP Season 30 to win Beetle. Now, Avengers Alliance game designer Creighton Evans has revealed on the Hyper RPG Twitch Channe l that the next Spec Ops will be based on the Black Vortex storyline.

But the big news is that Mantis, who was accidentally revealed during Mother’s Day, will be the reward hero with another hero (possibly a lockbox hero). Unfortunately, Evans did not reveal who the second hero will be.

UPDATE: MAA Brazil is reporting that Moondragon is the second hero. We will update when we have confirmation. 

MAA mantis
Mantis to make her debut in Avengers Alliance soon Photo: Playdom

There is also a new general release character coming. Richard Rider Nova joins Avengers Alliance during the Black Vortex Spec Ops. He’ll be a separate character and not an alternate suit for Sam Alexander Nova.

Evans also confirmed that Chapter 11 will have two Worthy costumes, Black Knight and Ghost Rider. If you notice on the Avengers Alliance game, Maybe Season 2 will only have 11 chapters, instead of 12 like Season 1.

Check out the Hyper RPG Twitch Channel stream below with Creighton Evans, which at the time of this writing is ongoing. But if you want to hear the Avengers Alliance bits, you’ll have to wait until the stream is over and archived.

Let us know what you think of Mantis coming to MAA in the comments below.

Watch live video from HyperRPG on www.twitch.tv

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