Mario Tennis Aces Switch Release Comes With A Story Mode

Mario Tennis Aces is coming to Switch in 2018.
Mario Tennis Aces is coming to Switch in 2018. Nintendo

Mario Tennis is one of the most beloved Mario-style sports games in Nintendo’s library, so it was a no-brainer for the company to develop a new one for the Nintendo Switch . Mario Tennis Aces was revealed during the Jan. 11 Nintendo Direct Mini and showed off new courts, new character models and even a story mode. But before we get into all of that, check out the Mario Tennis Aces portion of the Direct below at around the 4:35 mark.

For the series’ first story mode since Mario Tennis on the Game Boy Advance, players should expect a variety of missions and boss battles. According to the Nintendo Direct, there will be “new wrinkles” in tennis gameplay that allow you to read an opponent’s position and stroke to determine which shot will give you an advantage. Different game modes, like a new piranha mode that looks similar to the Piranha Challenge from the first Mario Tennis game on the Nintendo 64, also appear to be part of the game.

The story mode of Mario Tennis Aces seems simple enough as your character moves along a set path similar to Mario Party. You’ll probably be stopped along the way to deal with various challenges and challengers, including the aforementioned boss battles. So far, Petey Piranha is the only boss shown in Mario Tennis Aces. The only confirmed characters, so far, are Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi but fans can expect the usual suspects to make an appearance in Mario Tennis Aces.

Nintendo released a Mario Tennis game for the Wii U called Mario Tennis Ultra Smash which received mixed to not - so - great reviews. Ultra Smash ultimately suffered from a lack of content, despite the improved yet simplistic gameplay. It seems Nintendo learned its lesson from that title as Mario Tennis Aces brings in more content for fans to enjoy at home or on-the-go.

Mario Tennis Aces launches for Nintendo Switch in the spring.

So what do you think of Mario Tennis Aces ? Do you think it’ll be better than the last game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below

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