Next Nintendo Direct Wishlist: Metroid Prime 4 And More

Nintendo Directs are always a great time for Nintendo fans.
Nintendo Directs are always a great time for Nintendo fans. Nintendo

Yes, we all know there will be a new Nintendo Direct sooner rather than later. While rumors put the next Nintendo Direct on Jan. 11, the company hasn’t publicly confirmed when it will actually take place, leading to plenty of questions from gamers about when it’s coming and some incredible responses from Nintendo.

But as we wait for the inevitable, we’ve come up with a list of games that make the most sense and that we hope to be included in the next Nintendo Direct.


Bayonetta has unofficially become one of Nintendo’s exclusive IPs and the third installment of the series, announced during the 2017 Game Awards, is coming only to the Switch.

With the re-release of the first two Bayonetta games to the Switch in early 2017, it would make sense for a release date announcement for Bayonetta 3. There is a rumor that the third game will be released this summer if not a bit later but this new Nintendo Direct could easily confirm that and be one of the bigger releases for the Switch in 2018.


Ok this is cheating a bit but with Nintendo’s planned support of the 3DS through 2018 fans should expect a slew of games to release this year.

We’re already getting a new Kirby game in January but what else can be coming to the handheld console in 2018? Nintendo can surprise us with a new IP like Ever Oasis or another Pokémon spin-off game (since there won’t be another mainline game for the 3DS). It’ll be interesting to see where the 3DS falls in Nintendo’s 2018 plans.


Yes, we’re cheating again. Nintendo promised its fan base third-party support for the Switch and in 2017 it kept its promise with some awesome titles like Doom, FIFA and Skyrim . But what’s in store for 2018? Capcom already confirmed that its upcoming Mega Man 11 will be coming to the Switch but how about other games?

If the Switch is to avoid a sophomore slump, more third-party support of newer games is a must. Don’t be surprised to see a game or two mentioned.


Of course, one of the biggest Nintendo announcements during E3 2017 was the reveal that Metroid Prime 4 was in development.

While nothing was revealed or talked about during the show this could be the time to learn more information on the long-awaited title and perhaps even see some footage. In fact, I’m sure the Metroid fan base will take a release date window. Holiday 2018, anyone?

So what do you think, do you expect a Jan. 11 Nintendo Direct? What games do you predict will make an appearance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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