Mario and Peach Face Off in Newest Mario Kart Tour Limited-Time Event

A race between two icons.
A race between two icons. Nintendo

Trouble is brewing in the Mushroom Kingdom as two of its biggest icons are set to face off in a limited-time event. Mario Kart Tour has players choose a side, between the playful hero and the elegant royal. Then again no matter which side is chosen, Mario vs. Peach Tour is sure to be a fun race for everyone.

The tour itself actually started last week though there’s still time to enjoy it and grab some goodies until August 10.

This new event follows a team rally format where the team that gets the most by the end wins. Winning or not, as long as players can finish races, they can add to the total tally of their team.

During races, the track will have Team Tokens instead of coins. Players need to grab these Team Tokens to the Team Points. To boost the tally, be sure to use the drivers assigned to the team.

In addition, all those who join the event immediately get a special badge, rubies, and coins. For those who reach the top, the rewards are larger. Players can also earn a coin bonus based on the number of points obtained in total by both teams.

The races are:

  • Mario vs. Peach Pipe 1
    • Duration: July 27 to August 10
    • Spotlight on: Mario (Happi) and Peach (Happi)
    • Details:
      • Drivers: Mario (Happi), Peach (Happi)
      • Karts: Quickshaw, Sakura Quickshaw
      • Gliders: Springtime Crane, Cheep Cheep Masks
    • Additional Details:
      • The favored courses for this driver include the second course of every cup for the duration of the Mario vs. Peach Tour.
  • Mario vs. Peach Pipe 2
    • Duration: August 3 to August 10
    • Spotlight on: Daisy (Yukata) and Shy Guy (Ninja)
    • Details:
      • Drivers: Daisy (Yukata), Shy Guy (Ninja)
      • Karts: Festival Girl, Jade Hop Rod
      • Gliders: Festival Wings, Ninja Scroll
    • Additional Details:
      • The favored courses for these drivers include the third course of every cup for the duration of the Mario vs. Peach Tour.
  • Mario Pipe & Peach Pipe
    • Duration: July 31 to August 10
    • Details:
      • Expand your roster when you fire the Mario Pipe or the Peach Pipe.
      • There are a few High-End drivers in the mix of each pipe, and players can also find additional drivers, karts, and gliders shuffled in.

Now for this event, the Tour gifts for all players include:

  • Driver: Baby Luigi, Mario, Peach
  • Glider: Parafoil

Those who have a Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscription and manage to earn enough Grand Stars also get these:

  • Driver: Baby Peach, Metal Mario, Pink Gold Peach
  • Glider: Peach Parasol

Read more about the new event here.

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