MapleStory M Welcomes the Cannoneer Class

Welcome a new class.
Welcome a new class. Twitter/@PlayMapleM

The new Cannoneer class is officially part of the MapleStory M roster. Already deadly and explosive, this new class is accompanied by a monkey that provides attack support. To welcome the Cannoneer, several growth events are active for players to enjoy.

As the name implies, the Cannoneer uses a deadly hand cannon forged by none other than the resident inventor of the Nautilus. The cannon can deal massive damage across a wide attack range. Accompanying this pirate is a monkey he befriended on Coco Island. The Cannoneer also has a skill known as Pirate Blessing which buffs other characters in the same party.

Celebratory Events

As mentioned, there are new events to celebrate the arrival of the new class. All these three events support the growth of the Cannoneer:

  • Cannoneer On-Time Event
    • Log in to the game and receive rewards like character slot coupons, auto-battle tickets, and pet packages.
    • This event ends March 23.
  • Cannoneer Mega Burning Event
    • Maplers can select one character as a Mega Buring Character that then receives two additional levels each time they level up.
    • This event ends April 19.
  • Cannoneer Growth Support Mission
    • Cannoneer characters can take on various missions to receive different rewards that support their growth.
    • On top of growth-focused rewards, completing certain missions also grant Cannoneer exclusive cosmetics.
    • This event ends April 19.

New Festival

The new update also signals the beginning of the Season of the Daisy Style Festival. This particular event runs until March 30.

This is a fashion competition where Maplers are invited to register their characters to show off their sense of style and also vote for the best styles from other players. Rewards include event coins, titles, and more based on the number of votes received from fellow Maplers. Players can vote twice per day and register their style once per week, per account.

MapleStory M was launched back in 2018. It brings the world of MapleStory to the mobile platform. It features the same endless amount of customization, immersive storylines and an epic boss. The game is available on Android and iOS.

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