MapleStory Welcomes Lara the Earthseer

A new character joins.
A new character joins. Nexon America

A new playable class has joined MapleStory and it’s none other than Lara the Earthseer. She was first revealed during the MapleStory Fest at Home. As a member of the Grandis’ Anima race, she can commune with Earth Spirits to let them learn the location of Dragon Veins.

Lara arrives in the game courtesy of a new update, which also brings a bunch of new content like:

  • Maple Live Events
    • Players can complete daily, weekly, and monthly missions to collect Pink and Black beans.
    • In return, players get different rewards based on their Creator Rank that feature game enhancements and growth and cosmetic items.
  • Burning World and Tera Burning Plus
    • These two events continue to support speedy player growth and allow players to create and designate burning characters who gain 1+2 levels each time they level up all the way to level 200.

This latest update also makes additional improvements, including decreased death penalty durations, increased pet loot ranges and pet auto buff slots, and one more inventory slot lock feature.

Who is Lara?

Going back to Lara, she hailed from a small, isolated village and only ventured out into the world to fulfill the prophecy of her people. She has long been friends with playful spirits which she can connect with using her Wand. Because of her innate connection with the lands, she can find and be empowered by Dragon Veins, which can be used to power many of her skills. Some of her skills are:

  • Essence Sprinkle
    • Draw out the earth's flowing essence to attack enemies.
    • Lv. 20+ required to learn Geomancy.
    • Requires 1st Job Advancement.
  • Manifestation: Sunlight-Filled Ground
    • Provides a buff that temporarily increases damage with the life-giving power of the sun periodically recovering HP within the area.
    • Applies 100% Knockback Resistance during casting motion.
    • Requires Eruption: Sunrise Well Lv. 20+.
  • Dragon Vein Absorption: Dragon Vein Skill
    • Lara absorbs the power of the dragon vein's attribute, and the land spirits of the absorbed attribute deal attacks when either Essence Sprinkle or Wakeup Call hit.
    • If an Eruption Skill of the same attribute is activated during an Absorption skill, the previously activated Absorption skill ends.
    • Players won’t take damage during Absorption skills even when attacking enemies with attack reflection.
    • Applies 100% Knockback Resistance during casting motion.
    • Absorption Skills are unaffected by Buff Duration Increase.
    • Requires 4th Job Advancement.

Learn more about Lara here.

MapleStory is available on PC.

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