Lineage 2 Essence Introducing New Winter Location in Next Update

Winter is coming.
Winter is coming. NCSoft

A new update is arriving in Lineage 2 Essence and will introduce a new winter location, new character classes, and new skills. This update is arriving this summer, and today we take a quick look at some of the new content.

Let’s not waste any time and start at the new location, the Frost Lord's Castle. Players can enter this ice palace but they do so at their own peril. Inside, there’s the usual encounter with common monsters, however, there are also some raid bosses that spawn only at a certain time on these days: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evening.

Those who can defeat these raid bosses get to face none other than the Frost Lord Glakias. Winning against this boss gives players the chance to get the Frost Lord’s unique weapon. Not only it looks good but it even grants special powers.

New skills will become introduced by the upcoming update. The Fortune Time of Fortune Seekers, for example, now applies a debuff on a raid boss which gives extra loot after the boss is killed. This class also gets the Adena Stun skill that shocks the target and removes a maximum of three buffs from the target.

Maestros will also get improvements. The Mechanical Hero skill now lets them mount a battle mech. The Mechanical Masterpiece, on the other hand, allows them to summon a Mechanical Golem that not only attacks but also stuns enemies.

Some of the healer classes are getting some important changes as well, including:

  • Cardinals
    • They get new skills that allow them to restore all HP/CP to nearby clan members as well as equalize their party's health.
  • Eva’s Saints
    • They get a skill that removes debuffs and increases the resistance of their allies.
  • Shillien Saints
    • They get some Hold skills that can decrease their opponents' attack and healing power.

Lineage 2 is an MMORPG that serves as a prequel to the original Lineage, set 150 years before the first game. Lineage 2 Essence is an alternative game version that was developed alongside the main game.

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