The Sims 4: Sims Now Have Likes and Dislikes!

For a more details Sim.
For a more details Sim. EA

One key feature of social media is the ability to make likes and dislikes on different posts. For Simmers, that particular feature has finally arrived in The Sims 4. However, it works a little differently where Sims can express like or dislike to certain colors, activities, and even music genres.

Whether child or adult, Sims can have a maximum of 20 Likes/Dislikes which can be spread on different categories. A Sim, for example, could like almost every color except for orange. Players can even have their Sims like music but dislike playing musical instruments.

The individual Likes and Dislikes of each Sim can be found in the Sim Info Panel under Live Mode. These will present themselves in subtle ways throughout the game. That means unless instructed, Sims either avoid or do the bare minimum, when it comes to activities they dislike.

Sims that dislike Cooking are only going to grab Quick Meals while Sims that dislike Video Games won’t play any gaming titles on any device. However, players can still direct Sims to do something that they dislike. If a player does this, the Sims get the Tense emotion. It could also result in unlocking contextual interactions to where the Sims complains about the activity to others.

That’s not all. When a Sim encounters something that they like or dislike during gameplay, the player is prompted if they want it to add it to the list of Likes and Dislikes. This feature may urge The Sims 4 players to enable autonomy on their Sims.

Bunk Beds Update

Back in March, EA added Bunk Beds in The Sims 4. A new update (May 27, 2021) has introduced more ways to play with them. For instance, more objects can now be slotted under the Top Bunk like Double Beds, Dressers, Desks, Living Chairs, or even Loveseats.

Players can even slot the items perpendicular to the Top Bunk. Dressers, Desks, and Single Beds can now be oriented in two ways.

Other Changes

As always, the new update brings with it some bug fixes. Two, in particular, are related to food which are:

  • Sims no longer endlessly autonomously cook food and after which forget about it.
  • Sims now autonomously eat leftovers when they are hungry.

Read all the changes and the fixes here.

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