Life is Strange Arcadia Bay Collection Now Out on Nintendo Switch

A new collection is here.
A new collection is here. Square Enix

Life is Strange Arcadia Bay Collection is now available on Nintendo Switch. With this, the original game Life is Strange and its sequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm are now both on the portable platform. You can get it at the Square Enix Store for $39.99.

This collection lets you meet an unforgettable cast of characters over two gripping stories that come with remastered visuals and upgraded animations. They’ve also been optimized specifically for Nintendo Switch. Features of this new collection include:

  • Two complete games.
  • Remastered visuals improved and optimized for Switch across characters and environments.
  • Improved character animation using full facial mocap performance (Life is Strange Remastered).
  • Choice and consequence driven stories with multiple endings.
  • Harness the power of Max’s rewind ability or Chloe’s quick-witted attitude to change the course of events.
  • Every track from the distinct licensed soundtrack and original scores.

Life is Strange

Released in 2015, Life is Strange is an award-winning and critically acclaimed episodic adventure game where players get to rewind time and affect the past, present and future. It follows the story of Max Caulfield, a photography senior who learns that she can rewind time while saving her best friend Chloe Price.

The pair soon find themselves investigating the mysterious disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber and discover more about the dark side to life in Arcadia Bay. At the same time, Max quickly learns that changing the past can sometimes lead to a devastating future.

This game was made available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, and Android.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Life is Strange: Before the Storm was launched in 2017 and was a new three part and standalone adventure. It’s set three years before the first game.

This time, players take on the role of the sixteen-year old Chloe Price. Chloe forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber, a beautiful and popular girl destined for success. When Rachel discovers a secret about her family, which threatens to destroy her world, it is her newfound friendship with Chloe that provides her the strength to carry on. No longer alone, the two girls now need to confront each other's demons and together, find a way to overcome them.

This game was made available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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