Let's Build a Zoo Releasing First DLC on May 23

The dinosaurs are coming soon.
The dinosaurs are coming soon. Springloaded

The prehistoric age is coming soon to Let’s Build a Zoo courtesy of its first-ever major downloaded content. Titled Dinosaur Island, it introduces dinosaurs to the game. This DLC is coming on May 23 through Steam and the Epic Store at $9.99.

For this upcoming DLC, players can expect to see:

  • A new campaign with more quests and even more moral choices.
  • More than 50 new animals and dinosaurs.
  • At least 110 new shops and decorations.
  • New enclosure types for new arrivals.

In a post, developer Springloaded revealed that they'll also be releasing a free update that offers more content for everyone to enjoy. The highlight of this new update is the addition of controller support. A lot of players have been asking for this feature and the team has arrived at the stage where they are pleased with this feature. Another new stuff is the Staff Gates, which let players choose to have areas in their zoo that only staff can access. Other new pieces of content are the Poop Storage, Dung Diary, new fruit trees, improvements to the storeroom, and a host of localization fixes.

Let's Build a Zoo was released in November last year and since then has sold 100,000 copies. This expansive management sim has players run a zoo by importing and breeding rare creatures, hiring staff, keeping visitors happy, and dealing with weird and wonderful events. What makes this one different is players can create new animals with DNA splicing. For example, by combining chicken and cow players can get chickow. Players can also try and see if visitors like to see the crocoduck, a mix of duck and crocodile.

Features of the game include:

  • Build a zoo with more than 500 different animals.
  • Splice together over 300,000 different animal combinations.
  • Keep animals and visitors happy through hundreds of buildings, foliage, path, and enclosure decorations.
  • Hire the perfect employees to deal with different life events.
  • Players can decide whether they want to run the zoo above board or break the law and pocket the extra cash.

Get the game on Steam and the Epic Store.

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